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Reclaim your self-worth, increase your net-worth

A 1:1 transformational program for heart-centered female coaches, healers, lightworkers and entrepreneurs

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Would you like to feel capable of doing any FREAKING thing you want?

Capable of....

~Making more money 
~Shining and being seen

~Speaking your truth 
~Making a mistake and still loving yourself

~Speaking on video or in public   
~Showing up without shame

~Growing your business with ease   
~Signing clients without anxiety

~Feeling abundant no matter what
~Taking inspired action

~Having a healthy work-life balance

~Loving your life and business


Hi I'm Essence, Intuitive Energy Healer and Abundance Coach

I work with coaches, healers and entrepreneurs who know in their hearts that they are here to share their gifts, talents and skills with the world.

Your business isn't some get rich quick strategy, it's your calling and mission on this planet.

But instead of sharing your gifts and telling the world about your business

You do this....

~Compare yourself to others
~Allow shame to stop you
~Play small
~Feel uninspired & unmotivated
~Have a hard time receiving
~Don't offer your services
~Criticize your skills and gifts
~Doubt and second guess yourself
~ Inconsistently show up on social media

This may be normal and part of the learning curve during the first few months of your business.

However, if you've been experiencing any of these for months or years then there may be another culprit at play.


Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

This means trauma can range from physical abuse to being laughed at in the 3rd grade.

Every human being on this planet has trauma.

The issue occurs when your past trauma is currently creating problems in the present. 


Here's an example of how my past trauma affected my business.

A few years ago when I decided to start promoting my business online, I would procrastinate by watching videos, webinars, taking courses, and scrolling online.


Every day I'd create a list for marketing and would never finish it. 

I would have so much fear, shame and anxiety whenever I was supposed to post or make a video.

No matter how consistent I was able to be it never felt any easier. It made me hate and dread my business.

What I was experiencing wasn't "just nerves". 

I finally asked my coach for help and upon doing some healing work we discovered that my fear of being visible was rooted in trauma from high school.

I was shamed and humiliated in the 9th grade by my peers. Every day after that I just wanted to be invisible.


As an adult, I was still very much angry and resentful.

But once we healed, cleared and did forgiveness work around the incident I've been able to show up online with ease and actually enjoy growing my business, serving my clients and making money.


For some people trauma, shame, emotional pain and blocks prevent a consistent stream of goodness from flowing into your life.

I call that flow of goodness, abundance.

Abundance = more goodness

~More ease                 
~More action
~More clients             
~More visibility
~More money             
~More opportunities
~More happiness       
~More self-love & worth
~More flow                 
~More authenticity
              Trauma keeps you frozen, stuck and holds you back.
When you heal trauma and activate your abundance you are capable of doing anything you FREAKING want! 


Here's a sneak peek at just a few things we'll be covering in the 
Abundance Activation Academy

Vision, we'll get clear on what you truly desire to create in your life and business. 

Energy Healing, Now that we know what you desire our job is to release the trauma and blocks that would stand in the way of this coming to life.

Self-Worth, they say your self-worth equals your net worth. You will learn to love and forgive yourself and to release shame.

Self-Care, You will learn to have a deeper connection with your body and heart and practice gratitude. While abundance mindset is real, abundance heart-set is just as important.

Authentic Aligned Action, This is where you will take inspired action to make your life & business goals a reality. This is all about busting through fears around being seen and heard, taking action and showing up consistently. 

If you've been struggling to have a healthy relationship with money you're going to love this!

Money Activation, We're healing money wounds, limiting beliefs, receiving issues, and undercharging. You will learn to love money and never see it as an enemy again.

~You will meet your money guide and discover how YOU need to think and feel to align with money. 

~You will understand your money DNA and how to make powerful decisions with money. 

~Get a complete ‘money story makeover’ that will support you today, tomorrow and beyond to make more money, set respectful boundaries and up-level your life.

~Create an extraordinary soul-inspired life plan that will immediately help you break free of “shoulds” and outline exactly the specifics of how you can live a life of freedom, on your terms.

Abundance Mindset, This is where we clear out scarcity & lack mindset.

Trauma is connected to scarcity. Often when we experience trauma we make it mean "I'm not good enough".

That "I'm not enough" story pours over into every part of your life.

~I don't have enough
~I don't know enough
~There's not enough in my account
~I don't have enough clients
~There's not enough time
~I'm not making enough money in my business

Everywhere you look there's lack. Lack never creates abundance.

Together we will kick lack & scarcity in the butt and create an abundance mindset.

From here you will see your life, business, and money through the eyes of plenty.

My friend, we need you to pursue your dreams. The world needs your gifts.

Your journey to spreading your message, growing your business, and activating your abundance begins today!

All you have to do is choose it!

Learn more about booking your consultation below.

75 Minutes Focused on YOU!


This is for serious inquiries about working together.

Who this consult is for:


Female coaches, healers, and leaders who have a serious desire to heal their trauma, emotional blocks and shame so they can activate their inner abundance.

The woman is ready to do the work and who isn't interested in a quick fix and chasing after money out of fear. 

What type of trauma do I work with?

I specialize in helping you heal from lack of inspiration & motivation, shame, abandonment issues, rejection, heartbreak, feeling unseen & unheard, inner child, mother and father wounds, divorce, abuse and more.


If you have a question about your particular situation visit this page to leave a message.

Is this business coaching?

This is NOT business coaching!

You already know what to do.

This is more like soul coaching.

We are clearing the blocks...

~That prevents you from aligning with abundance in all forms.

~That prevents you from taking action, showing up authentically, being visible, seen & heard.

Book your call below by clicking the turquoise button that says "set time zone"

On this 75 minute consultation, I'll take you through my 3-step process and we'll cover...

1. First, we'll discuss what's not working, where you're stuck or how trauma and shame are showing up in your life and business.

2. Then I'll take through a short exercise to uncover your goals (what you'd like to release, create or have)

3. Last I'll share exactly how my program will solve your problem and help you achieve your goals.

If it's a good fit we'll plan our next steps toward your goals.

If it's not a good fit that's ok too, you'll still receive massive value from our time together.

Choose your appointment time:

To get started click the button below to choose your time zone. 

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My clients are experiencing abundance in their lives & business!

4 Clients

She didn't have energy or inspiration to work in her business for a year. Her trauma was due to father wounds and a recent breakup. As we began to heal her heart she regained her energy and inspiration. Within a few weeks she was back in her business and enrolled four clients. 

Lost 10 lbs

She felt emotionally overwhelmed and anxious. She was having trouble with her marriage and couldn't get out of her head. As we begin to work together she started seeing herself as worthy, began speaking up in her marriage, connecting more with her body and less with her mind. She lost 10 pounds without even trying. She's even being more bold and speaking her truth in her marketing.


$20k Month

She said her inner light was fading and anger was taking over. She wasn't as magnetic as she once was. She was signing clients but she knew she wasn't reaching her full potential. She was holding onto a lot of anger with men, her dad and the patriarchy. As we begin to heal and open her heart within a few months she had her biggest month of over 20k.

Finding Her Voice

After working through shame and healing mother wounds she is feeling more like her authentic self and finding her voice. She's been showing up more consistently online and has made a few videos (which she thought she would never do). Her marriage is beginning to feel more connected. And she's feeling more connected to her family. 

Heal your trauma, activate your abundance!

Abundance Activation Academy

I've been where you are

I know this journey all to well, for years I lived with father wounds and abandonment issues. I had toxic relationships, I didn’t like myself, I didn't feel worthy of love or money, and I didn't believe in myself.


With all of that going on, deep down I still had a calling inside of me to help others grow.


I then set out on a journey to heal and love myself so that I’d be in integrity with my work.


Over the years I've done the deeper healing on my past, forgave myself and increased my self-worth.


The journey was beautiful, painful, insightful, it broke me down. Then it built me back up and opened my heart more than I ever knew was possible.


 I'm experiencing so many wonderful things as a result of this work:

  • I’ve found my purpose and I’m living it as a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and coach.

  • I have a beautiful practice where I help women many who are entrepreneurs, heal their shame and trauma so they can fulfill their own life purpose.

  • I found real and lasting love with a man who’s my best friend. He encourages me and supports my dreams.

  • I have a great relationship with myself. No matter what my appearance, my body or life looks I love myself hard because self-love is deeper than surface level.

  • I’ve learned to love the small things that life has to offer which keeps me in a place of happiness and peace no matter what’s happening in my life or in the world

  • I've been able to create 5 figure sales months in my business.


It took me years to get to this place but it won't take you that long. 


I’ll guide you through your own inner journey so that you can show up more powerfully, authentically and abundantly for your life and your business.


Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Chakra Healer

Money Archetype & Abundance Coach

EFT Practitioner

Certified Shamanic Healer

Certified Circle Facilitator

This video demonstrates how lack of inspiration and motivation lead back to trauma and emotional blocks.


From the very 1st time we chatted on the phone I got a sense of “OMG, I think she is who I’ve been needing all this time”. Currently I have been working with her for the past 6 weeks and for me to see who I am now as opposed to who I was when I started. I’m truly amazed. I feel like I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel... Read full testimonial

Nashira Pic.jpg


Have you ever known that you needed something but couldn't quite put your finger on it? But even if you had, you wouldn't know who you should ask for help. This was my experience right before I met Essence. I knew something had been lurking in my life that felt like a blocker but I couldn't figure out how to reach that elevation. Essence has not only gotten me there but she's taken me higher.



 I struggled to find peace in my life and felt that I would never be able to change or escape my state of endless anxiety, frustration, pain, heartache and repeated patterns/cycles... and was I wrong! Essence has been a life saver for me



"WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY MARRIED" Essence helped heal the wound of my father. Even though my father is still alive, and still in my life there was some past emotional pain… Essence also helped me write a love list, I read it every morning to the universe. Today I’m married to the love of my life, to the man I always asked the universe for and the universe took care of everything for us. 

Full client interview: How she went from Angry & Depressed to Living Her Best Life.

When we first started our work together:

~She was devastated over her husband leaving after 18 years.

~She'd been to numerous therapists and taken numerous pills because she was depressed and thought she might have PTSD.

~She was in a deep depression, couldn't go to work, she wasn't eating and lost 45lbs.

~She'd endured several years of sexual abuse as a child that contributed to her depression. 

In this interview, she shares her journey from anger, depression, suicidal thoughts to loving her life and loving herself. 

Short clip of testimonial:

•Listen as my private client for the first time ever shares her story of abuse and the impact my coaching had on her life. (She shared it on one of my live classes)

Short clip of a testimonial:


My client shares what shes enjoyed about working with me.

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