A few fun facts

I'm originally from Muskegon, Michigan

I currently live in Smyrna, Georgia

I played volley ball in school

A psychic told me I was supposed to be a Radical Forgiveness Coach and I listened to her

I was raised an only child

I have a cat named Hunter

I love to be by the water but I can't swim

I'm a Pisces 

I'm in Love

About Me


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Essence Turner here, your Goddess Guide, Radical Forgiveness Coach, Reiki Healer and Chakra Clearing Coach.

If you want to heal your heart and become the powerful Goddess you were meant to be, you’re in the right place for manifesting the life and true love you’ve been praying for. 

I spent too many days feeling lost, heavy-hearted, unloved and abandoned. 

I had no clue how to change my patterns. 

Then just like you, I set out on a journey to heal myself and shift my energy so I could manifest happiness, peace and loving relationship.

My search led me to Radical Forgiveness, a practice that finally worked!

I was able to heal and release all abandonment issues that I had with my father and my heart was lifted and filled with love.

This work was so powerful that I became a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach so I could help women like you heal and release the specific emotions that are holding you back from receiving the love you truly desire.

I’m here to tell you that when you release, let go and step into your Goddess Power, Shift happens.

A few months after I forgave, truly let go and embraced my Goddess Power, my life took a beautiful shift.

~I became happier and more at peace than I’d ever been before.

~My Father broke his 5-year silence and we repaired our relationship.

~I manifested true love, it’s been 6years now and we’re still in love.

I want you to experience a beautiful shift as well. You deserve to have the life and love you truly desire.

 I’d love to be your Goddess guide and walk you through your journey to self-empowerment, happiness, peace and true love.

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