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Essence Turner
Feminine Energy Healer



A 6-Month 1:1 transformational journey for women with a heart of service and big dreams but are stopped by fear, shame & trauma.

Together we will go on a soulful journey to heal and activate your self-love, wholeness & worthiness


Over the next 6 months we are focused on....

1. Leading your life and business from compassion, not shame & guilt.

2. You loving and accepting yourself for you are and who you aren't.

3. Authentically being all of you, no more hiding, or holding back, just you being unapologetically YOU!

4. You living your purpose and doing what you came here to do.

5. You feeling abundant and worthy to receive love, money, and all the goodness your heart desires.


6. Deep healing of your past, shame, and trauma. We are clearing the pain and emotional blocks that you'd be carrying around for life so that you can feel lighter and finally feel whole.

Get ready to experience deep transformation done swiftly with ease and lightness!


When you work with me in my 6-month program we are activating healing, wholeness, worthiness & self-love through laughter, dance & playfulness.

This isn't your grandma's old-school healing program.

It's for women who want to heal the Divine Feminine Goddess way!

If you're a woman with a heart of service who has big dreams but you're stopped by fear, shame, trauma or worthiness issues this is the program and path to healing that you're looking for.

I experienced my MOST SUCCESSFUL MONTHS I’ve ever had while working with Essence.

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How to get started?

The next step is to book a Soul Connection Call.


1. Begin with connecting to your heart & soul to make sure that I’m the right guide and this is the best program for where you are right now in your life.

2. If you're pretty sure and want to hear more about working together, book your Soul Connection Call.

3. On this call we’ll make sure the program is a match for your exact needs.

4. We’ll also make sure we’re a soul-aligned match since we’ll be spending months working together.

5. If the program is a great fit and we vibe we’ll get you enrolled. If it’s not a good fit that’s ok too and you’ll walk away feeling supported and heard.

Pricing is listed on the scheduling page below.


Schedule call below

Click the "Set time zone" button to get started.

Compassion Fem appt

Who do you work with?

My clients are healers, coaches, massage therapists, estheticians and service-driven entrepreneurs.

My clients have a mission in their hearts. 


They know they are here to impact the world through their message and or business.


 They know they are here to inspire, motivate and set a powerful example for their family and other women in the world. 


She knows she's still carrying pain from the past, she's being mean to herself, not fully loving herself, and doesn't feel as confident and worthy as she could. 


She also knows that this is holding her back.


But as of right now she's saying no more hiding, no more holding back, no more hurting and suffering. 


She's ready to do the inner work. 


She's done trying to do it herself because it's not getting her very far.


 She's done only investing in business courses and coaches.


 She's ready to invest in the healing and emotional support her soul craves.


 She has boldly declared...


"I'm doing this work now! I'm ready! 


I have sh*t to do in this world and I'm hell-bent on clearing these blocks so that I can make the impact and the income I'm here to make."

If this you, you're in the right place.


Here's what they're saying!!


8 months ago I had hit a pretty solid rock bottom emotionally and mentally.


 I felt stuck in a state of melancholy, sadness and no momentum to continue to pursue my Coaching career, my active lifestyle or my love life.  I spent months laying about, watching endless tv and eating way to many Doritos. Being a Health and Life Coach, this was NOT the way I wanted to be. 

Connecting with Essence and having her as my Coach was the best investment in myself that I have made to date.  From the very first session Essence listened to me in a way I have not been heard before. 

What I got out of our work together is nothing short of transformational.  I went from stuck to ON FIRE!! I went from no momentum to CONSISTENT action in not only my coaching business, where I was averaging a new client every two weeks, but also taking action in a new solid way in my love life.


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Stephanie P, Certified Health Coach

I was not even close to understanding what true healing was until I reached out to Essence Turner.  When I first connected with Essence I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect. After our first conversation, I felt safe and supported.  She was dedicated from day one during my healing journey.  She wanted me to WIN and I love that about her. Her compassion and gentle manner compliment her powerful wisdom. 

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happy (1).jpg

Stacy G, Massage Therapist

Nashira Pic.jpg


Have you ever known that you needed something but couldn't quite put your finger on it? But even if you had, you wouldn't know who you should ask for help. This was my experience right before I met Essence. I knew something had been lurking in my life that felt like a blocker but I couldn't figure out how to reach that elevation. Essence has not only gotten me there but she's taken me higher.



 I struggled to find peace in my life and felt that I would never be able to change or escape my state of endless anxiety, frustration, pain, heartache and repeated patterns/cycles... and was I wrong! Essence has been a life saver for me

stacey-31 (1).jpg


I felt safe immediately with Essence and we were able to go to a deep trauma I was still holding within me. Our healing session and her guidance helped transform this pain and ‘stuckness’ like nothing ever had. I trusted her with my most tender and vulnerable part of myself and in return was able to access a profound healing experience.

Working with Essence was the best thing that I could have ever done for myself.


Just being in her energy and her presence was healing, but then she does some serious magic with her coaching and energy tools.


With Essence’s help, I was finally able to start healing my relationship with myself and my past. This was something that I never thought was possible.


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Shaina Pic.JPG

Shaina D, Holistic Mindset Coach

Elia's Video Testimonial

"Before working with Essence I was feeling really down, really shitty, overburdened, and overwhelmed with a past relationship.

We worked on my ex wounds, father wounds and my business stuff too.

Now I feel this release, easefulness and flow..."



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Check this testimonial after only 8 weeks

"When I first started working with Essence, I felt lost and very alone. I knew I had a lot of unprocessed trauma to work through, but I had no idea how to go about doing that. I had tried for a few months to find my way on my own, but all I felt was loneliness and despair.

With every session so far, she has helped me learn to trust myself and allow ALL the emotions to come up without being afraid or ashamed of whatever I was feeling. Our work together has been nothing short of liberating for me.

I've had 3 people reach out about coaching with me and I signed a client. 


I've started embracing my own personal style and feeling like FIRE in my own skin every day.

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Raquel B, Life Coach


If you're deep in it and you're feeling really stuck as if there's no hope for change I want to remind you that it's always darkest before the dawn.


 I have seen so many women come in hopeless and fearful and leave as a brand new version of themselves, 10 times different than when they came.


Your mind may be saying it's not possible for you, but I'm here to tell you if healing and leading life from the inside out has worked for women of all different ages, races and backgrounds I can assure you that it's possible for you too.


Take a leap!

Take a chance on yourself, you’re worth it!

I guarantee you won’t be sorry!


Hi, I'm Essence

I’m on a mission to help you to compassionately become your best self, while helping you elevate your life, love and business all while achieving goals and creating magic along the way.

I know this journey all too well, for years I lived the same depressing life over and over. I couldn't figure out how to get myself out of the loop that I was in. I would try to motivate myself by shaming myself, calling myself names, and comparing where I was to others.

It felt like I was stuck in the mud, with wheels spinning but no forward movement and that made me hate myself and my life even more.

Searching for answers I set out on a self-love & spiritual journey and I realized that I had father wounds and abandonment issues. This deeply impacted the way that I saw myself, what I felt I was worth and what I thought I could have and achieve. 

Essentially, there was a part of me that was ready for change and elevation but there was a deeper part of me that I was unaware of, that didn't feel worthy. This inner conflict felt like the great battle of good and evil.

In 2014 I hired a coach, began taking classes and just went all in healing, learning to love myself, be kind and compassionate to myself. 

From that place, I began to take action, do things that scared me and that's when my life began to change. 

I knew that I wanted to share this healing work with other women so I became a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Money Archetype & Abundance Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Certified Shamanic Healer.

Now I have the honor of living my purpose as a healer, self-leadership guide and spiritual life coach to wonderful women just like you.

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