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How to Shake Those Low Vibe Feelings

This time of year stirs up a lot of feelings for people.

Maybe you’ve felt it too? Feeling heavy, depressed and sad? And for some reason they just won’t go away.

To cope with these feelings maybe you’ve found yourself snacking way too much, drinking more wine, binging tv shows or hiding under the covers.

What I’ve found is that when these feelings come up and won’t go away, there’s a message your soul is trying to share with you.

And it’s trying to get your attention by sending uncomfortable vibrations through your body (we call them feelings). Sometimes the more you ignore them or try to stuff them down the louder the vibrations become.

Someone in my group was experiencing this very thing and I made her a video and gave her a few steps to take.

I realized that you could possibly be going through this as well so I made an additional video to share with you and in it I give you an extremely valuable exercise to help move you out of this vibration.

If you want some help uncovering those feelings and to discuss how I can help you get through them once and for all let's talk. Book your call here.

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