Is your people picker off when it comes to relationships?🤔

Updated: Feb 22

Here's a question I was asked yesterday.

She asked how do I know I need to do some inner work vs I’m just bad at picking at guys? . I get asked this question often because women think the relationships they’ve found themselves in over the years "just happened" by chance or coincidences.

She said what if it was just a coincidence that my last 3 boyfriends were emotionally unavailable and didn’t know how to communicate with me? . In my spiritual studies, I've accepted a universal truth that there are no accidents or coincidence!

Here's what i mean. Imagine this…

You have 2 guys asking you to be their sweetheart, they're both madly in love with you.

❤️You must choose 1 guy by accepting his love invitation. ❤️Will you choose guy A or B? ❤️You follow your heart and accept the invitation from the guy you felt that spark with. ❤️Now you're in a relationship . You think you followed your heart, but the choice that you just made has less to do with your heart and more to do with: . 👉Your past and subconscious programming. 👉Your level of self-worth and self-love. 👉Your childhood upbringing. 👉Your relationship with your parents or lack thereof. 👉Your inner child wounds. 👉Your relationship blueprint. 👉Limiting beliefs. . Think over your last 3-5 relationships, how did he treat you, what went wrong in the relationship and also ask yourself has someone else treated me this way in the past?

If you find yourself repeating relationship patterns or attracting unhealthy relationship dynamics BUT you’re still unsure of where all this is coming from, I have a gift for you. . It’s a quiz to find out if you have a wounded inner child, and Mother/Father Wounds. . This quiz also tells you how to look at the data from the quiz and gain more clarity into your relationship blocks. . No sign-up necessary, the video is above.


All you need is 30 minutes to listen to this snippet of my Masterclass. (This is from part 2 Healing Inner Child Series)


💻 This 30-minute video clip gives you the definition of the inner child, mother/father wounds, quiz instructions and the actual quiz. . Watch above or directly on youtube. . Enjoy the video!



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