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Is There a Message Behind Your Anxiety Attack?

Did you know that there may be a message behind your anxiety attacks or other “negative” feelings? I found out the hard way.

At the end of 2016 I felt overwhelmed and burnt out and I began having anxiety attacks. Eventually I got to the place where I felt it coming on and I would totally try to avoid it. But it kept happening, my thoughts were attacking me and my breaths became very short and shallow.

My coach said if this keeps happening to you then maybe your body is trying to tell you something. So the next time I felt the attack coming on I stayed with the intense feeling and instead of trying to run away from the anxiety I listened to what it had say to me.

First my intuition said you're moving off course, you’re veering off the path you’re not teaching what you know you’re here to teach.

That was the truth, I’ve known for a while that my purpose is to help people find peace through releasing their past and we do this forgiveness.

The second message my intuition gave was to nurture and care for myself. I was not taking very good care of myself. I was always doing something trying something, on a call, Skype, working or going somewhere. There was little time to just be and when I did make that time I often rushed through it so I could get busy doing something again.

Lastly my intuition advised me to slow down until spring. So I went into hibernation. Learned more things about myself, learned more about forgiveness, and about self-care. I even learned an energy healing technique called Reiki. Now I’ve been combining all that I’ve learned during hibernation and have had some great results with myself and clients.

What I want you take away from this post is that there may be a message in your anxiety attack, depression, and frustration. The next time you feel that old gloomy familiar feeling don’t run away from it by eating, watching tv, getting online instead sit with it and ask your body this question “What are you trying to tell me?”

Once it shares its message with you be ready to honor it’s guidance, sometimes it knows better than we do.

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