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Hello Goddess!


I am so happy that you're interested in working with me to step into your Goddess Energy and awaken your inner brilliance. 



Right now I currently offer a few different ways to work with me.


-Radical Shift Chakra Clearing Session


The Radical Shift Chakra Clearing, gives you an energy boost, clears negative energy that you've been holding on to and restores your energy flow.



This 2 hour session will help you to release heartache, disappointments, negative feelings and emotions.


Click to learn more about Radical Shift Chakra Clearing Session...



-Goddess Deep Healing Process


4 session program for the woman who wants to heal on a deeper level in order to step into your Goddess Energy. 


It's pretty hard to live a beautiful, happy and peaceful life when you're carrying around hurt, pain, and unforgiveness.


This program teaches you how to free yourself from the hurt so you can feel lighter, happier and more peaceful.


Click to learn more about the Goddess Deep Healing Process



If you would like to book a session click here to fill out pre-booking form.


Fill out the form and include the session you're interested in, I'll be in touch with my calendar. 


If you're unsure of which session is best for you, ask for a 30 minute Breakthrough Session

What is Energy Healing?

In case you are unfamiliar with energy healing I wanted to provide with a few resources to familiarize yourself.

Click the pink Links to learn more.

What is Radical Forgiveness?

What is Energy Healing?

What is Chakra Clearing?

If you have any additional questions please feel free to Contact Me



Another way to work with is by being a part of one of my events.


Goddess Circles, Classes, Online Courses and Workshops


Click here to check out my Facebook events page

March Goddess Gathering

Atlanta, GA

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