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Frequently asked questions

What are the payment & refund options?

A full payment will include a bonus savings Monthly payments via Paypal recurring auto debit Bi-weekly payments via Paypal recurring auto debit Refunds: No refunds to ensure that clients are fully committed to the program and coaching.

What is the time commitment

Weekly pre-recorded Content 25-45 min ~The accompanying exercise 15-20 min Private 1:1 calls 60 minutes. *Occassionally calls will go over into the 75-90 minute range thererfore a subsequent call may be 45 minutes. ~Soulwork based on the call 30 min-1 hour

What if I don't watch the videos or do the homework?

Most often we will proceed with the scheduled private call. If this continues we will explore any blocks that are keeping from fully showing up.

Is this a group or private program?

This is a private coaching & healing program that includes an online classroom component.

What experience is need to join the program?

All are welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. I will be there to guide you.

What kind of people have you helped?

I have successfully helped women with abandonment issues, severe physical & emotional abuse, sexual abuse, inner child healing, mother & father wounds, break-ups, divorce, and death of loved ones. I'm not a therapist. As a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach and Shamanic Practitioner I guide my clients through the use of certain tools that heal them on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level. The spiritual, energetic, and emotional levels are where the inner wounds first form and need the most attention and that doesn't always happen in a clinical setting.

What makes this program special?

This program is geared toward wholeness, self-love, energy healing and integration. This isn't about stuffing your mind full of information. it's about doing the deep work required to remove the layers of pain, hurt, and false truth that are preventing you from living as dynamic woman you are here to be. Once those layers are shed you will live each day as a Beautiful Happy Goddess.

What is a Goddess?

Goddess with a capital G defined as female Gods, also refers to the mother/female aspect of creation. Everyday modern Goddess-( you and me) A woman who is connected to her inner wise woman and intuition. She's committed to living as her true authentic self, being a bright light in this world, she loves & accepts herself, she's a work in progress, cares for herself and body temple.

Do I have to work with goddess Kali?

One of the four monthly videos will be with Kali. You don't have to watch that video if it doesn't resonate with you. On our private sessions and in your personal ceremonies you can call in your higher self and your own spiritual intelligence