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The Healing Power of Radical Forgiveness and Self-Love


 1 Day Workshop $149

May 25th 9:45 am-6 pm (5 Seats left)

with Radical Forgiveness Coach

Essence Turner


This full day workshop is going to feel like a gentle, loving deep energy healing and clearing for your heart and your entire being.

Have you been asking and praying for certain things and they just aren’t showing up or for some reason you just can’t seem to hold onto them?

For instance, you desire:

-Your true love to walk into your life

-You want more inner peace without all of the mental chatter and anxiety

-You want to be happy and smile for no reason

-You want a better job or career so you can step into your next level of life

-You’re ready to experience more money & abundance so you can fully enjoy life.

-You want have more meaningful relationships with those around you so you can feel loved & supported and give the same to them.

The truth is when you’re not receiving your desires it may be because there is a block.

What blocks your energy?


The problem comes in when you hold onto negative feelings, emotions, heartache and disappointments.


Holding on to this negative energy creates blocks in your energy centers.

When you have a block the energy can longer flow harmoniously, which causes you to feel tired, sad, heavy and stressed.

Those low vibrations block the miracles the Universe wants to send your way.


Here are a few signs that you may be blocked:

- Your last few relationships didn’t end well or you weren’t treated well.

-You’re carrying emotional pain from the past


-You have mom or daddy issues

-You can’t keep or find a job/career that makes you happy

-You’re experiencing repeating patterns in your life such as:

             abandonment, rejection, abuse, betrayal,

             being mistreated, controlled, or you put others before you.


My friend, your energy may be blocked and that’s why the Universe has brought you to this page to say “It’s time to release and clear those blockages."


 When your energy is flowing harmoniously through all of your energy centers you’ll know it because you’ll get to feel happy, healthy, vibrant, and loving. AND….your desires will manifest.


This is where Radical Forgiveness and Self-Love come in.

These two divine frequencies have the power to heal and restore the harmonious flow of your energy.



When you truly shift your energy and restore peace life feels effortless….

  • People want to be around you

  • You light up the whole room when you walk in

  • True love shows up in your life

  • You feel at peace even when chaos breaks out around you.

  • You feel happy simply because you woke up

  • You finally nail that interview and get your perfect position

  • Abundance flows and you can live life like an adventure

  • You and family can finally heal and get on the same page


This is what’s possible for you when you clear the blocks and truly heal.


This one day workshop is powerful enough help you release years of pain, hurt and energy blocks.

In summary….

This 1-day workshop is designed to help you have a huge release and breakthrough around a grievance with 1 person and one issue you have with them. (this is not a self-forgiveness class)

If you feel like you're stuck in a cycle of unhappiness, frustration, sadness, and heartbreak, it may be due to you holding onto:

-Hurts from your mother/father

-Pain from an ex or previous relationship

-Betrayal, abandonment, rejection, abuse (verbal, physical, sexual)


If ANY HURT from your past or present has been bothering you or stealing your peace of mind then this is the place to come and free yourself from this burden.

You'll leave this workshop:


-Feeling lighter

-With a breakthrough and release around 1 issue.

-Happier and peaceful

-With more self-love

-Radical Forgiveness tools to forgive and release hurts in the future


Release years of pain in just 1 day.



When: Saturday, May 25th, from 9:45 am - 6:00 pm 

Where: Phoenix and Dragon, Annex North,  5549 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Important Notes:

This class is limited to 8 people. (5 Seats left)


Registration & Sign-ups close May 23rd.


 No walk-ins.


Bring lunch.


Light snacks & water provided.

Investment: $149


3 Day Special SPECIAL



Read instructions before you purchase

Step 1. Fill out the contact box and press SEND 

(So I can send you the contract, class pre-work and update you on any schedule changes.)

In the subject line type: Workshop

Step 2. Complete your payment option. 

*All payments are final sale. See bottom of the page.

Step 3. Get excited about the transformation that's waiting for you.



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** Payment Plan ends on 5/17.

Want to take the 1 Day Workshop and 5-Week Class?

Receive a $30 savings bundle when you pay in full for both

*All sales are final.


Due to the nature of the work and there only being a limited amount of seats all sales are final and there are no refunds.

However, if something comes up and you're unable to make the class we'll work something out with a private program, course or this can be extended to an upcoming class or workshop. (For this to be valid you must inform me before the class begins)

Healing your Mother/Father Wound & Cutting the Cord with Your Ex

Masterclass Replay Available Until 5/21

What you'll learn:

> Why it’s imperative to clear your mother & father wound ( and your ex if applicable)

> What forgiveness is and why it’s the gateway to freedom

> Why the same type of people, and circumstances keep showing up in your life

> Why you’re not manifesting the life you truly desire

> Why it feels impossible to maintain happiness and a sense of peace.

And….How you can turn all of this around and start creating a life that really turns you on.


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