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5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

July 7, 2016


 Last month I noticed I hadn’t been feeling like myself. My energy was low and I had moments of feeling sad and discouraged.

First I began thinking it was my relationship causing me to feel sad, then maybe my job, lastly I blamed my bills. I was looking for something or someone to blame for my moment of unhappiness.

It really sucked when I had to own up to the fact that it was all me and nothing outside of me was causing me to feel empty and numb.

Honestly I went through my twenties feeling empty and numb until I began a journey of spiritual growth. I began getting in touch with my spiritual side by meditating, yoga, dancing in my room, reading, and journaling.

A few weeks ago I realized that I hadn't been doing those types of things regularly like I used to. So I was heading back to my comfort zone which is the state of sadness.

I lived in the mental state of sadness many years longer than I have lived in a Beautiful Happy Peaceful state of mind. So by not consciously doing things to raise my energy/vibration it began to drop.


It's so easy to get caught in a routine of going work and coming home, then going to work and coming home again that you forget to actually live.

Now I make a serious effort to do those things that get me in touch with my spirituality and joy.

I said all that to say happiness and joy are not automatic and sometimes we have to use conscious effort to meditate, dance, journal, watch a comedy or do whatever lights your SOUL ON FIRE.

Please make a commitment to yourself to do the things that lift you up because when you don't, suffering soon follows. Make time in your schedule before or after work!

Remember happiness is a choice, meaning each moment you have a choice to stay bummed out or jump up and go for a walk. 

What are you going to decide to do? The choice is yours!


Here's A Few Ideas


5 things you can do right now to raise your vibration!


1. Write down 10 things that you are grateful for and why.

2. Go for a power walk or jog. You could also practice yoga or go for a swim, really anything that gets your blood pumping will do.

3. Use your creative side and make something beautiful.

4. Watch a comedy. Choose something that will have you cracking up.

5. Do a few random acts of kindness. (Buy someone a cup of coffee, give a stranger a compliment, buy homeless person a meal, call a friend and tell them how much they mean to you…there’s so much you can do).


Thanks, Essence





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