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I am so happy that you're interested in energy healing.


In case you are unfamiliar with energy healing I wanted to provide with a few resources to familiarize yourself.

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If you have any additional questions please feel free to hit the the contact button.

If you would like to book a session click button below. Fill out the form and include the session you're interested in, I'll be in touch with my schedule. If you're unsure of which session is best for you, ask for a 30 minute Breakthrough Session

Radical Shift Session

"Cutting The Cords"

It's time to release the ties that bind!


This is for you if you've been trying to get over your ex or you need to release a toxic tie with someone.


You are over due for this session if you've been experiencing:

Emotional stress connected to a specific person and or event.

Obsessive thoughts about the person

Sleepless nights

Feeling powerless and hopeless

Patterns of people leaving you

Patterns of being betrayed or cheated on

Crying for no reason

Unable to move on

Keep telling the same sad stories

You have arguments in your head with the person

Replaying old conversations with the person in your head

Stalking them on social media

Strong feelings of sadness and depression about the past


Why am I still connected to my ex?


When we meet and connect with people we form energetic cords from our energy fields to theirs. Depending on the type of relationship we have with the person the energy can become toxic and drain us of our vital energy. This may show up as depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, obsessive thoughts, sadness, crying for no reason and the list goes on. 


*This session is based forgiveness and assists in releasing  and diminishing emotional toxins connected to the person and promotes emotional healing and well-being. *


After you completing the 2 sessions and homework you can expect:


Feeling at peace

Have more forgiveness and compassion

Feeling happier and optimistic

Full nights rest

Finally see the steps to move forward with love

Say goodbye to the old stories

Diminish the obsessive thoughts

Detach from your ex

Clarity on what's next for you


Session Includes:

~(1) 60 Minute Cord Cutting Energy Healing Session via Phone

(Includes intuitive guidance, energy healing exercises, visualization, Radical Forgiveness)


~(1) 30 Minute Desire Session. This session helps you to define what's next for you.

(*Desire session to be completed within 1 week of Cord Cutting.)




~3 Personalized Healing Exercises to continue the healing at home after session.


~You will receive continuous email support and feedback as you complete the exercises.


Price $197






Goddess Sacred Soul Healing Program (3 Months )



This is for you if:


~You’re ready to stop trying to put a band-aid on big emotional wounds such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, multiple heartbreaks, divorce, abandonment issues, or family pain.


~You are you ready for long-lasting emotional freedom, peace calm and serenity?


~You want to raise your vibration in order to feel better, attract love, abundance and the other goodies you desire.


~You’ve noticed repeating patterns in any area of your life such as romance or career.


 If any of those points resonated with you then this program is perfect for you.


Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual energy healing technology that helps you to release the negative energy patterns of fear, resentment, anger, betrayal and many more.


When we have things that have hurtful things happen to us, our body holds onto the negative energy, this negative energy drains our life force energy, blocks our blessings, keeps us tied to negative patterns, and attracts “bad luck” and unhealthy relationships.


This may be the reason why you’re stuck in a rut or you feel good things don’t come your way.  It’s our job to release these energy patterns so we can live with more peace, happiness and vibrancy.


Remember forgiveness is for you and not for the other person.

When you forgive you’re not saying what happened is ok, you’re saying I deserve peace.


Program Includes:



~(9) 60-minute sessions

(1) 2-hour chakra Clearing Session (Video Conference)


(Sessions either phone or video conference)

~Weekly homework assignments to continue the release and spiritual growth between sessions


Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Voxer Support (voicemail support)




 Energy Clearing Audio to clear yourself during the week.



Fill out the contact form to book 30 min consultation to see if this is a fit for both of us.




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