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A magical 12-week circle for opening your heart, connecting with your higher self, and loving yourself deeply.

Each circle, you'll join me, Essence Turner,

and your higher self in a private transformational healing ceremony.


Are you ready to open your heart, strengthen your spiritual connection, and fall in love with your true self?

If so, you're in the right place.

I've created two videos to walk you through all of the details of the program.


Sacred Heart Circle Invitation
My story, what is circle, self-love & God?

I'm Essence Turner of Beautiful Happy Peaceful, and I'd like to invite you to join me in circle.

I have a new program that's very dear to me.

It's called Sacred Heart Circle.


It's a one-on-one program in which you and I will work together to open your heart, connect with God, and learn to deeply and completely love and accept yourself.

I'd like to explain what I mean by circle, God, and self-love in more detail.


Let's start with what is usually the most difficult for my clients...

 Opening your heart and learning to love yourself.


Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have because it often represents your relationship with life.


Here’s what I mean…


  • If you don’t trust yourself, it's difficult to trust Spirit, people, or have trust in relationships.


  • If you don't like yourself, you're less likely to pursue your dreams and are more likely to settle in life and relationships.


  • If you're mean to yourself and talk down to yourself, you may let others walk all over you, have difficulty saying no, and setting boundaries.


  • If you don't have a good relationship with yourself, you might hide your true self because you're afraid people won't like the real you.


  • If you don’t have your own back you may not show up for yourself when you set goals around health, fitness, money, career or relationships.



But when you prioritize having a loving, healthy relationship with yourself and Source, those things begin to fall away naturally.


If you do catch yourself backtracking, because your heart is open, you'll find it easier to notice when you're self-sabotaging and quickly turn it around and return to love.


Having an open heart simply means that you're allowing the walls to drop, and you're clearing and releasing the blocks and fears that keep you from loving yourself and others.

Let's discuss what it means to connect with God. 

I'd like to start by saying that I'm not here to tell you who to connect with or what to call God or your higher power.


You might like the terms Universe, Source, Jesus, Buddha, or insert whomever you feel most connected.


It's possible that your soul is directing you to make a deeper connection with the Divine Mother, a specific Goddess, your ancestors, your higher self, or your inner child, etc... (In 2018, my soul guided me to deepen my connection with Goddess energy.)


I've worked with many clients who felt disconnected from Spirit, and that disconnect had a significant impact on their relationship with themselves. It was difficult for them to love themselves if they didn't feel loved by God.

I'm simply here to assist you in forming a deeper relationship with your spiritual intelligence for direction and insight, as well as to enhance your lovability, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

What is Circle?

I'm a Certified Circle Facilitator in addition to being a Radical Forgiveness Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer.


I love women's circles, and I've witnessed their power in person and online.


Spiritually a circle represents divine motion that keeps things moving eternally.


It’s also symbolic of heaven, wholeness, vitality, growth, evolution, and completion.


I personally believe circles hold the energy of magic and miracles because I’ve seen some miraculous emotional & spiritual healing.


Our circle calls will be held via Zoom video. Each call will have a circle with me, you, and your spiritual intelligence.


Each circle will have a different theme, such as self-love, self-worth, or forgiveness, all aimed at opening your heart and healing your relationship with yourself.


When you scroll further down, you will notice that I have listed these themes, but they can be customized for your specific healing journey.


For example, if you have body image or relationship issues, we can create circles to address them.


A circle is similar to a healing or coaching session but its more sacred and has a feminine structure for us to follow.

Sacred Heart Circle Invitation
What you'll walk away with & program details!

So much is possible for you when you do the soulful work of opening your heart, learning to love yourself, and connecting deeper to Spirit.


You can expect to walk away with...


Spiritual Connection and Alignment:


This is the deep knowing and feeling in your bones that you are connected to something bigger than yourself.


You will know that you are loved and guided by your Spiritual Intelligence.


You will know there is a way out of any difficulty and that all you have to do is sit down and connect to that source or higher self for divine direction.


Increased Sense of Intuition:

This is trusting the voice that says, "Turn right" even when you normally go left.


It's listening to that same voice that says, "Say no, and speak up for yourself" in relationships, friendships, or at work.


Walking away when it says "this person or situation no longer has a place in your life."

Trusting the guidance that says, "Say yes" even when you’re scared that you won’t know what to do or say."

You will learn to have a relationship with your gut, a relationship that gets better and better the more you listen to it.


Being Your Authentic Self:


Being your authentic self means openly telling the world, "Look world, here I am in all my beauty and imperfections, and if you don't like it, that's your problem, not mine." 

It's realizing that your only job is to be you, all of you.

It's wearing that bright outfit, even if others may think it's "a little too much."

You'll have the courage to live your life without censoring or hiding parts of yourself.


Deep Inner Peace:

This is feeling at ease with yourself, your past, and Source.


This is the ability to sit still and have no thoughts or only kind thoughts bubbling up in your mind.

You will replace the heaviness in your heart with understanding and grace, and no longer be triggered by it.


Happiness for No Reason:

An inner sense of satisfaction and joy emerges when you love who you are and feel connected to something greater than yourself. 

You'll find yourself smiling for no apparent reason while walking through the grocery store or driving home from work. 

Whether you were productive or not, you will find yourself falling asleep at night feeling accomplished. You’ll be dozing off feeling satisfied and happy just being you.


Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem:


Your self-confidence will naturally grow now that you've stopped putting yourself down and seeing the worst in yourself.

Because you know you can handle whatever they throw at you, you can take on more responsibilities at work. 


This is you asking a raise because you value what you have to offer. 


This is you finally having the confidence to start or grow your business because you know you have what it takes to be even more successful.


The Ability to Form Good, Healthy Relationships:

This means showing up in relationships as the real you. Others will like you for who you are because you like yourself. (Those who don't... will fall away.)


Now that you're kinder to yourself you will have a greater capacity to be kinder, more loving and understanding in your relationships with family, friends and your sweetie pie.

The healthier your relationship is with you, the healthier it will be with everyone else too.


This also applies to attracting love.

Now that you're loving yourself you are much more aligned to attract someone who will go out of their way to make you happy. Someone who pays attention to you, cares about you, and wants to do this life journey with you.

She was feeling like fire in her own skin after only 8 weeks

"When I first started working with Essence, I felt lost and very alone. 

I had tried for a few months to find my way on my own, but all I felt was loneliness and despair.

As soon as I started working with Essence, I felt an immediate relief.

 With every session so far, she has helped me learn to trust myself and allow ALL the emotions to come up without being afraid or ashamed of whatever I was feeling. Our work together has been nothing short of liberating for me.

I've started embracing my own personal style and feeling like FIRE in my own skin every day.

Read full testimonial 


Raquel B, Life Coach

Here's the
Sacred Heart Circle's 
3 step formula for success

Awareness, Ceremony & Spiritual Self-Care


Awareness, This is the first phase that you will enter. Our first circle will help you to become aware of some of the blocks that are causing your heart to feel closed, and disconnected from yourself and your higher self. 

Circle Ceremony, This is where you and I will spend the next several weeks together 1:1 via Zoom. Here I will be your guide to connecting with your higher self, clearing the blocks to self-love, and opening your heart to love and all of the goodness around you. 

Spiritual Self-Care, This phase you will do each week on your own at home to connect deeper with yourself & your Spiritual Intelligence. 


A magical

12-week course for opening your heart, connecting with your higher self, and loving yourself deeply.


  • 1:1 Live Online Circle Ceremonies

  • Weekly Self-Love Energy Healing


  • Daily spiritual practices to help you open your heart and connect w/ your

higher self and deepen your self-love.

who is it for.png



Awareness & Self-honesty

are at the heart of this program.

You can't heal what you're

unwilling to look at.

Together we'll continuously go through a process of self-discovery to unearth the roots of your closed heart, and your disconnection with yourself and your higher self.

Through this process, your path to deeply healing and loving yourself will be revealed, and we'll follow it to bring you to the open-hearted state of wholeness & happiness.

STEP 2 ceremony


Private Virtual Circle Ceremonies

via Zoom

Circle ceremonies are a powerful way to connect with your soul, higher self and your inner Goddess

Each session will be a powerful, transformative private circle between you, your higher self and me.

Zoom 1:1 video 


We will open this sacred private circle ceremony by

  • Pulling oracle cards to receive your spiritual guidance

  • Next we deep dive into one of the healing circles below

 We end the call with...

  •  Spiritual Practice: A daily practice to keep your heart open and to connect with your higher self for guidance.

Here are the beautiful ceremonies that you'll experience


*The timeline and content of circles may be changed to suit your individual healing needs. 

Candle in Hands

Circle 1

"Self-Love Deep Dive" Ceremony

Bridging the gap between you and your higher self, uncovering blocks, learning to love the shadow and all the parts of you that you & your life that you want to hide. Energetic assessment of self-love & self-acceptance.

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Circle 2

"Energetic Alignment" Ceremony

We are aligning you with your Spiritual Intelligence in this 90-minute circle.  We'll also look at your Human Design and Life Path Number to see how well you're living your purpose. Then we'll develop a plan for even more genuine alignment.

**Must have exact birth time, date & city**

Image by Darius Bashar

Circle 3

"Confidence & Emotional Resiliene" Ceremony

I'll lead you through an energetic assessment to uncover the emotional energies and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from feeling confident and trusting yourself. Then we'll create a plan  to help you gain confidence and trust your intuition.


Image by lilartsy

Circle 4

"Self-acceptance"  Ceremony

Uncovering the areas in your life & body that you dislike and powerfully moving into acceptance & appreciation.


Circle 5 & Circle 6

Bonus Healing


"Radical Forgiveness & Deep Heart Healing" Ceremony

2 weeks focused on bringing healing to one trauma, person or situation that is still weighing on your heart.

Image by Sarah Brown

Circle 7

Bonus Healing


"75 min Radical Chakra Clearing" Ceremony

This deep healing will assist you in clearing the residual deep-seated anger, resentment, and sadness connected to the issue from circles 5 & 6.


Circle 8


"Emotional Self-Care" Ceremony