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A magical 11-week circle for opening your heart, connecting with your higher self, and loving yourself deeply.

Each week, you'll join me, Essence Turner,

and your higher self in a private transformational healing ceremony.


Are you ready to open your heart, strengthen your spiritual connection, and fall in love with your true self?

If so, you're in the right place.


Sacred Circle Details: My story, what is circle, self-love & God


  • Do you struggle with self-doubt and have a hard time trusting yourself even though you know it’s the right thing or the best step?


  • Throughout the week are you being mean to yourself, shaming and criticizing yourself?


  •  Have you lost your drive, motivation, inspiration and you just can’t seem to kick the low vibe?



  • Do you find yourself questioning your skills and talents and feel like you don't have much to offer the world?


  • Do you struggle with worthiness and never feel good enough no matter how hard you try or what you do?


  •  Are you unhappy with your business, career, or relationships and don't know what to do to turn it around or lack the emotional capacity to do something about it?

  • Have you made huge strides on your self-love journey but can sense there's another level of self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth that your soul is guiding you towards?

 I get it!


Before I became a coach and a healer I struggled with low self-esteem, self-hate, and not feeling good enough.


That’s why I hired my 1st coach in 2014. I learned how to truly love and value who I am in this world.


This course will help you to see just how worthy and valuable you truly are!


Imagine waking up in the next few days with…


  • Self-awareness around your internal blocks that prevent you from feeling your high vibe best and loving yourself unconditionally. Then having a road map to get you to your next level of feeling amazing and loving all of you.


  • Peace of mind because you finally understand it's not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong, and you do deserve to be happy and know that is within your means.


  • A glimpse into the future to see what lies ahead and we'll create that potentiality for you to step into.

  • A newfound sense of self-love & self-worth that you didn't even know was there but fills you up from the inside out.


What you want, wants you to

You are already good enough and worthy of it.


This course will help you to feel your worthiness and “enoughness”  down to your core so that it rings true once and for all.

So much goodness is in store for you!


  • Feeling amazing exactly as you are is possible for you!


  • Asking for the money you want is possible for you!


  • Receiving the love & connection that you desire is possible for you!


  • Looking in the mirror and loving what you see is possible for you!


  • Owning your strengths and accepting your weaknesses is possible for you!


  • Feeling rejuvenated and excited in your body is possible for you!


She was feeling like fire in her own skin after only 8 weeks

"When I first started working with Essence, I felt lost and very alone. 

I had tried for a few months to find my way on my own, but all I felt was loneliness and despair.

As soon as I started working with Essence, I felt an immediate relief.

 With every session so far, she has helped me learn to trust myself and allow ALL the emotions to come up without being afraid or ashamed of whatever I was feeling. Our work together has been nothing short of liberating for me.

I've started embracing my own personal style and feeling like FIRE in my own skin every day.

Read full testimonial 


Raquel B, Life Coach

Here's the
Sacred Heart Circle's 
3 step formula for success

Awareness, Ceremony & Spiritual Self-Care


Awareness, This is the first phase that you will enter. Our first circle will help you to become aware of some of the blocks that are causing your heart to feel closed, disconnected from yourself and higher self. 

Ceremony, The next phase is where you and I spend the next several weeks together 1:1 via Zoom. Here I will be your guide to connecting with higher self, clearing the blocks to self-love, and open your to heart to love and all of the abundance around you. 

Spiritual Self-Care, This phase you will do each week on your own at home to connect deeper with yourself. 


A magical

11-week course for opening your heart, connecting with your higher self, and loving yourself deeply.


  • 1:1 Live Online Goddess Ceremonies

  • Weekly Self-Love Energy Healing


  • Daily spiritual practices to help you open your heart and connect w/ your

higher self 

, activate self-love & acceptance

who is it for.png



Awareness & Self-honesty

are at the heart of this program.

You can't heal what you're

unwilling to look at.

Together we'll continuously go through a process of self-discovery to unearth the roots of your closed heart, and your disconnection with yourself and your higher self.

Through this process, your path to deeply healing and loving yourself will be revealed, and we'll follow it to bring you to the open-hearted state of wholeness & happiness.

STEP 2 ceremony


Private Virtual Ceremonies

via Zoom

Ceremonies are a powerful way to connect with your soul, higher self and your inner Goddess

Each session will be a powerful, transformative private circle between you, your higher self and yours truly, me.

Zoom 1:1 video 


We will open this sacred private circle ceremony by

  • Pulling oracle cards to receive your spiritual guidance

  • Next we deep dive into one of the healing circles below

 We end the call with...

  •  Spiritual Practice: A daily practice to keep your heart open and to connect with your higher self for guidance.

Here are the beautiful ceremonies that you'll experience


*Timeline and content of circles may be changed to suit your individual healing needs. 

Candle in Hands

Circle 1

"Self-Love Deep Dive" Goddess Ceremony

Bridging the gap between you and your higher self, uncovering blocks, learning to love the shadow and all the parts of you that you & your life that you want to hide.

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Circle 2

"Self-acceptance" Goddess Ceremony

Uncovering the areas in your life & body that you dislike and powerfully moving into acceptance & appreciation

Image by Darius Bashar

Circle 3

"Emotional Resilience Session" Goddess Ceremony

Become aware of the 22 emotional energies that may be preventing you from experiencing happiness, and inner peace, next we'll create a plan to help you break free


Image by lilartsy

Circle 4

"Befriending Shame" Goddess Ceremony

We're getting to know the mean voice in your head and making it a friend instead of the enemy


Circle 5 & Circle 6

Bonus Healing


"Radical Forgiveness & Deep Heart Healing" Goddess Ceremony

2 weeks focused on bringing healing to one trauma, person or situation that is still weighing on your heart.

Image by Sarah Brown

Circle 7

Bonus Healing


"75 min Radical Chakra Clearing" Goddess Ceremony

This deep healing will assist you in clearing the residual deep-seated anger, resentment, and sadness connected to the issue from circles 5 & 6.


Circle 8


"Emotional Self-Care" Goddess Ceremony

A practice for listening to your inner child, being kind and compassionate to yourself, learning to feel, process and honor unpleasant emotions

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Circle 9


"Self-Celebration & Graduation" Goddess Ceremony

We are honoring your journey, how far you’ve come and planning out your next steps

STEP 3 Spiritual self-care


Practices that will connect you with your true self and help you to deepen into self-love & raise your vibration at home in between our weekly ceremonies. 


Nature Walks

Image by Katherine Kromberg

Goddess Baths

Image by Jodie Cook




Who is this for?


For heart-centered women who’ve been doing everything “right” but can't figure out why she’s unhappy, stuck and unmotivated.

 On the outside, she appears to have it together but on the inside, she's falling apart.

The woman who feels empty and disconnected from herself as if her inner light has been dimmed or turned off.

Who doesn't love herself, shames herself and has a hard time forgiving herself.

Feels weighed down by the ups & downs of life.

Feels unworthy, unlovable, not good enough or like there's something wrong with her.


Dive in, dig deep, get uncomfortable, look at what's hiding, and be ready to do something about it in order to set yourself free.

Who do I work with specifically?

I welcome women from all backgrounds, race, age, religion, and sexual orientation, your personal journey & life experiences will be honored here.

who is it for.png

Here's what you'll receive!!

Image by Content Pixie

Circle Ceremonies via Zoom

Powerful ceremonies  to connect with your soul, higher self and your inner Goddess to clear blocks, love yourself and raise your vibration

Office hours: M-Th

11:30 am est- 6pm est

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Spirtual Self-Care Practices

Rituals and Practices that will connect you with your true self and help you to deepen into self-love & raise your vibration at home in between our weekly ceremonies. 


Email Communication

Shoot me an email if you have a question while you’re on the journey.


Daily Voxer Support

Receive daily coaching and guidance via Voxer app. Reach out anytime, text or voice message for support.

(Full price Rose Level only)

Landing me pic.png


Goddess Bath Meditation course, 5 Days of Forgiveness Course, Heart Chakra Healing Audio


Committing to self-love & raising your vibration impacts so many areas of your life

Here's what you'll walk away with...

  • Self-Love, You will finally feel good in your own skin, accept yourself as you are and know your worth


  • High Vibration, You will feel energized and alive which help you to be more productive and motivated to get tasks done and achieve goals


  • Increased Self-Esteem, you will be able to confidently own your skills and talents and embrace your weaknesses.


  • Self-trust, you will grow in your connection with your intuition and feel safe to listen to your gut when it's time to make decisions.