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Sacred Goddess Baths

Welcome Goddess


Deep down you know you’re a powerful Goddess who can have and create anything she wants.

But lately you’ve been feeling disconnected from your power.

Instead of feeling powerful you feel:








This is no way for a Goddess to live!

A Goddess is whole, complete and knows her worth,

She lets go of what no longer serves her,
 She prioritizes mind, body and spirit.

When her outer world is chaotic she goes inward.


Sister it’s time to indulge in a Sacred Goddess Bath.

Go inward to replenish, recharge and reclaim your Goddess Power


Introducing the signature 7 Day Sacred Bathing Ritual

“Sacred Self-Love” bathing system.

What is a Sacred Goddess Bath?


Throughout many traditions water has always been used to cleanse and heal. When you combine your intention, salts, crystals and oils with water it then becomes sacred, healing and transformative not just to your physical body but your aura and energy field.


Sacred bathing can help you melt away stress, heal your heart, forgive, and release past hurts so you can step fully into your Goddess power.

When you commit to a 7 day Sacred Goddess Bath you are making a commitment to connect with your inner Goddess, your heart and the Universe. Once you make the commitment, set your intention, and sit in the water transformation on spiritual level begins to occur.


Remember it’s the inner shifts that creates the outer change. So if you want to manifest love, peace, or happiness you must first release the blocks and you can start that process with the Sacred Crystal Baths.

How This Sacred Goddess Bath System Works

1. Receive Sacred Goddess Bath "Self-Love" Kit in the mail.

Included in Box

-7 Rose and Lavender Bath Salts

-7 Rose cone incense

-7 Tea candles

-1 Rose and Sage Energy Cleansing Soap

-1 Journal

As a Bonus..

-2 Bath Crystals to absorb negative energy

-1  Crystal Necklace for reconnecting with yourself

2. Log-in to the Sacred Goddess Bath Site for daily bath meditation.

3. Pour in your sacred bath crystals into the water.

4. Set your intention, Sit in the water, Press Play, and Relax

Immersing yourself into the Sacred Goddess Bath while listening to the Sacred Wisdom Meditation is a wonderful way to connect your mind, body and spirit.


Participating in the sacred bath is in invitation for your higher self to speak to you and to invite inner healing. It lets the universe know that you open to change and transformation.

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