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Break-Up With Your Baggage


So you can heal, open your heart and receive the love you deserve


Master Class & Healing Ceremony


Sunday, December 16th  6:30 p.m. est

You Deserve to give love and receive love on a deep soul level.


But you've been hurt before by Mom, Dad, loved ones and lovers.


You're still carrying that pain with you.


That pain prevents your heart from opening and receiving deep intimate love.


Instead of happily ever after, you've been manifesting relationships that hurt and that don't last.


You were put on this earth for more than that.


You deserve....


~For him to open the door for you

~Watch chick flicks with you

~Put on an apron and cook with you (adorbs)

~Hold your hand 

~Kiss your cheek before he leaves out the door



Make this the year that you break-up with your baggage, open your heart and receive true love.




The Break-Up With Your Baggage Master Class and Healing Ceremony is going to be life changing!

We'll be diving into...


~How your emotional baggage attracts unhealthy relationships


~How to release the baggage


~Healing ceremony to activate your Heart Chakra


~Live Q & A after ceremony

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If you desire to manifest love, then now is the time to release your baggage



The emotional pain that we experienced in our past attracts more emotional pain into our life that may in include painful relationships.


 At least that was the case for me.


The energy of my abandonment issues that I've carried since childhood attracted men into my life who were unable to commit to me thus leaving me feeling alone and abandoned just like when I was a child.


 My life and relationships turned around once I released my baggage, practiced forgiveness and cleared my energy.


After that, true love finally came knocking at my door.




When you Break-up With Your Baggage...



~Your heart heals and opens

~Your vibration raises


~It's easier to manifest true love with an open heart

~You're at peace


~You smile for no reason

~That weight that you've been carrying will finally be lifted


~You learn to forgive

~Your capacity to give unconditional love expands



If you're ready to Break-Up With Your Baggage so you can heal, open your heart and receive the love you deserve


Join here


Online Sunday, December 16th, 6:30 pm est






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