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Are you ready for a Relationship Block Breakthrough?



I know you’re tired of:


  • Attracting dead-end relationships

  • Guys who don’t call you back

  • Guys who lie and cheat

  • Guys abandon or reject you

When you want something but aren’t receiving it, it’s because there’s a block.
You may be a woman who has many blocks, a few blocks or just one.

Whatever the case… until the 1 block or all of the you’ll continue to manifest the same type of relationships.

That’s why I’ve created an opportunity for you to jumpstart your healing. Together we will work through one of your blocks and release it from your body.



I’m offering you a Relationship Block Breakthrough Intensive 


This is for you if:


  • You’re tired of attracting unhealthy relationships and toxic relationships

  • You’re done trying to figure it out on your own

  • You’re ready to have a jump start on your healing

  • You have wounding with either of your parents that plays out in your relationships

  • You still have anger, resentment with an ex

  • You see a pattern of abandonment, rejection, betrayal or abuse showing up in past relationships








The Relationship Block Breakthrough Intensive details...


-Bust through one of your blocks that’s standing in your way of love so that you can become an energetic match for your divine love.


-Chakra Clearing: We’ll clear the negative energy from the mother/father wound that’s been causing you to attract the same man over and over


-You’ll create a new energetic imprint for love so that you’re open to receive an honest man that loves you for who you are.


Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A 2-hour Relationship Block Breakthrough Intensive on Zoom with me 1:1.

  • 1 week of email support for any questions or insights that arise.

  • Guidance on your next steps for healing and manifesting love.

  • 2 Energy Healing Audios to assist you with healing and clearing your blocks


Radical Forgiveness, Chakra Clearing, Shamanic Healing, EFT, Hypnotherapy; these are the tools I combine to create a massive energy block breakthrough.


Together we can do it faster….We will break those blocks down so you can become an energetic match for your divine love and finally attract a partner who loves you for you.blocksarecleared


                                                            Your Bonus



-My Divine Love & Healthy Relationship Resource Libary

Includes 10 audios/videos to help you on your journey to calling in your Divine Love


Just to name a few:

-Find out what emotional energies are blocking love

-3 Steps to Stop Attracting Unhealthy Relationships

-How to have lasting happiness

-3 Secrets to Heal and Open Your Heart to Love


All this for only $697





>This offer is for the woman who deeply desires love that feels good and is ready to begin her journey of breaking the cycle of unhealthy relationships.

>This will also deeply serve the woman who has been carrying something painful or that has been weighing you down and holding you back for years. (holding you back in many areas of your life).

>If you've been wanting to forgive someone and release them from your energy then this session will deeply serve you.


Book your appointment below and let's clear your blocks to love.

(Session pre-work will be emailed to you so be looking out for it. Complete it then show up at your scheduled time. Easy peasy.)





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Relationship Block Breakthrough Intensive audio description

I've created an audio about the session for you. Press play if you're been wondering:

  • Whats the difference between what I do and therapy.

  • Will this session change my life

  • Should I really do this

  • Will doing a 2-hr session really help me

  • What’s going to happen in the session

  • Will I feel a difference after the session

What is the Relationship Block Breakthrough Intensive - Essence Turner
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