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Hosted by 

Essence Turner

Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach

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Take this quiz before your Consultation & Money Reading Breakthrough Session

This assessment that will assist you in discovering your money archetypes/personalities.

Your money archetypes reveal your thoughts and feelings about money.

There are 8 money archetypes, and each one has their own personality when it comes to money.

Some of your unhelpful patterns, relationship with money, or financial strengths may be clarified by these money personalities.

For Example....

People with the "Connector" money personality, have the gift of caring a great deal about relationships, but they could care so much about heart-to-heart connections that they find it difficult to charge for their services.

Or the "Alchemist" money personality has the gift of being the "ideas guy," but they could become caught in a cycle of moving from a course idea to a new service idea back to the course idea and never actually implement any ideas, which prevents them from making any money.

Here's why you should take the 10 minute quiz...

Understanding your unique relationship with money will enable you to break free from unproductive patterns and focus on your talents and strengths, which will boost your income and heal your relationship with money.

How this works.

1. Take the Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz by clicking the pink button.

2. You'll receive your scores and find out your most dominant sacred money archetypes.

3. I will receive a copy in my email but feel free to send a screenshot of your results.

4. We'll go over the results in your "Consultation & Money Reading Breakthrough Session".

The Sacred Money Archetype Framework is All About:

  • Understanding your money personalities (You have 8).


  • Discovering what makes you tick when it comes to money

(it's like your 'money DNA).  

  • Learning how to take your income to a new level.



  • Getting rid of unconscious money blocks so that you can start fresh on a path of creating ease, abundance, and a healthy relationship with money. 

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