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Social media might be influencing your happiness.

Social media might be influencing your desires and your level of happiness. If you have several people on social media saying or doing a certain thing, it may start to subconsciously influence your desires.

For instance, if you see people traveling, you’ll start desiring your next trip.

If you see people going out to eat, you might say to your partner, “We never go out to eat anymore.”

If three of your high school classmates bought a house in the last year, you may find yourself scrolling Zillow before you fall asleep.

And if you're unable to achieve your desires, you might start fixating on what you dislike about your life.

When I first committed to helping people forgive and heal emotional wounds, my goal was to bring them the same sense of lightness and freedom I found.

However, after being bombarded by Facebook ads from 'Top Female Coaches' boasting about their earnings, I started focusing on money rather than helping. Not long after, I started hating my business because I no longer felt connected to the purity of my original purpose.

I had to pause and take a long hard look at what was really important to me in my business.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about what you don’t have, which makes you feel inadequate, unaccomplished, or unhappy, it might be helpful to examine whether those desires truly align with what YOUR heart wants.

First, write out your desires and ask yourself why you want them. If you don’t have a strong reason why, then that may be a clue that you don’t truly want it, and that’s okay.

If you write down “I want a house” and your why is “Because I’m about to turn 40,” that’s not a strong why. That sounds more like a social belief than a true heart's desire.

If you do have a strong why, ask yourself why you don’t have it and see what comes up. Dig deep, my friend.

Want some help?

In my Goddess on the Move program, we will take a look at what it is that you truly desire. And if there are fears, hurt, or limiting beliefs such as “I don’t deserve, or I’m not worthy” blocking your desires from manifesting we will break through them.

Let’s say you have a strong “why” for a house, but things never align or work out for you to get one.

In a session, we would connect with your heart. Let’s say fear and anxiety started to arise. I’d say breathe into that fear, be with it, and then a memory pops up about your family losing your childhood home. The energetic block is simply your inner child trying to protect you.

We would then use specific breath patterns and yoga movements to dissolve her sadness, and the anxiety that’s still attached to that memory. You will feel a release. Now there will be space to align with your perfect realtor and home loan.

Join me in Goddess on the Move. Start with a single session or a package. Prices start at $30 and there’s even an option to choose your price.

Send me a message to learn more or visit this link to learn more

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