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Reflection & Intention Setting Masterclass Replay

Video Description:

We’ll talk about what happened and how to manifest true lasting love in 2020 and beyond. . You’ll leave this class with more clarity on what went wrong and what to do differently in 2020 to call in true, lasting love.

Video Minute Markers 0-12 min Intro and who I am 12-1:03 Class topic Reflection & Intention Setting 1:03 Future Self Visualization

Here's how I can help you heal and open your heart to love.

´As a Radical Forgiveness Coach & Energy Healer I work with women who’ve previously found themselves in unhealthy, toxic relationships, dating unavailable men, abusive men (or women)

´ My intention & mission is to help you align with healthy, committed, loving romantic relationships by healing your mother/father wounds, or healing other issues from the past such as abuse, betrayal, rejection and or abandonment.

My work also includes hurt from the recent past such as break-ups, divorce

Click here to book a breakthrough consultation.

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