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Healing Your Inner Child and Mother/Father Wounds 3 Part Series

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Press play on Video 1.

I want to invite you to a 3 part class and energy healing where you’ll learn

-Why it’s imperative to heal your inner child, your mother & father wound

-How this plays a part in your relationships and how to turn it around

-What forgiveness is and why it’s the gateway to freedom

-Learn how to create a healing ritual

Video Minute Marks

0-11:30 Min Pulling Card & About me

11:30-1 hr 10 Inner child, mother/father wound presentation

1 hr 10 Q&A and pulling transformation cards for participants


Book an Uncover Your Love Blocks Breakthrough Consultation:


Watch Video #2

Video Minute Marks:

0-14 min Intro, invocation, who is Essence

14-1:03 hr Wounded Inner child quiz, Mother & Father wound signs. How to start the healing process.

1:03-end Q&A and sharing


Watch Video # 3

Video Minute Marks:

0-12:20 Welcome and Intro to me and the class

12:20-1:04 Content & 4 steps to healing and getting the love you want

1:04-1:20 Q & A


Book an Uncover Your Love Blocks Breakthrough Consultation:

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