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Did you know there are two types of happiness?

Did you know there were 2 types of happiness?

Most of us only know about the kind of happiness that has us chasing after material things, goals, relationships etc...

The types are called; hedonistic happiness and eudaimonic happiness (eu·dae·mon·ic).

Hedonistic happiness is achieved through pleasure, enjoyment, experiences, and instant gratification. Think about going on a trip, getting a raise, buying a car, dating a new person, buying a new pair of shoes, or going to the latest hot restaurant.

Eudaimonic happiness is achieved through meaningful experiences, personal growth, purpose, values, fulfillment, and inner joy.

Think gratitude journaling, meditation, prayer, yoga, time with good friends, a meaningful conversation, volunteering, learning something new, taking up a hobby, helping someone, dancing, enjoying the sunset, or watching your baby sleep.

In American culture, we are bombarded with messages and advertising that hedonistic pleasure chasing is the key to being happy.

But how many times have you gone out and bought the thing or chased the goal or relationship only to find yourself less than happy a few hours or days later?

I'm not saying this type of happiness is wrong, because it's not, it's just fleeting.

My issue with this type of happiness is that “they” made us believe so deeply in the lie that things outside of ourselves will bring lasting happiness, and they don’t.

For lasting happiness, it might be beneficial to have a combination of the two types. Unless you were born in a monastery, you don’t need help with hedonistic happiness.

My goal this summer is to keep you on the path of feminine self-seduction. So get ready to dive into a journey of self-discovery, healing vibes, and a sprinkle of personal growth; all leading you towards happiness that lasts.


Think about how you can experience more eudaemonic happiness in your life.

Here’s where you can start. What's one small thing that you can do today to experience a sense of inner happiness or a tiny moment of joy?

Remember, a lifetime of happiness is filled with tiny moments of joy, satisfaction, and contentment.

XOXO Essence Turner

Beautiful Happy Goddess Yoga


Feel free to share some of the experiences that contribute to eudaimonic happiness for you.

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