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Make or break your next relationship with this crucial step

Hey Goddess,

Sometimes it’s really hard to know what you want in a relationship and you end up asking for things that don’t make for a beautiful, lasting relationship.

One of my friends came to me for help with her husband. After she told me the whole story, I said what did you ask God for in a husband?

She said I asked for him to be:

• Tall

• Handsome

• Funny

• Packing in the pants (Have a big D… is what she actually said)

I said you really asked God for that and she said “I sure did”.

Guess what...

She received ALL of her requests but she failed to ALSO ask for the qualities that create and sustain a healthy, happy and loving relationship.

Now she’s having HUGE marital problems because he lacks fidelity, respect and honesty.

Here's the thing...

The intention you set forth and what you ask for has the potential to make or break your next relationship.

The main problem is that we listen to what our chatty ego-mind wants instead of listening to what our heart & soul wants.

The chatty mind says “I like Joe. He’s tall, handsome, and funny. We like the same sports teams, he’s been around for a while and we have great conversations.

In reality, one things missing…

Joe only sees you as his homegirl, a friend with benefits. He's not interested in anything else at the moment.

But that doesn't stop your chatty mind. It says “I have to make Joe realize that I'm the one for him, so maybe I need to be funnier, dress differently, be available for his every call and text.”

There's a part of you that is stuck on the fantasy that one morning Joe will sit straight up in bed, a lightbulb will illuminate over his and he’ll realize that it’s been you all along.”

Why do we fall for the guys that we have to convince to like us and then sit around and wait to be chosen?