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The Only Reason To Enter a Relationship

In the video clip above I share the only reason that you should ever enter into a relationship.

For years I had this all wrong, I used to say "I need a man to take care of me". I was going into relationships looking "to get something" and would be so mad when the guy was looking "to get something" from me.

I used to wonder why no one wanted me for me but the truth was I didn't want them for them either. I was more in love with what they could do for me and that is not a healthy foundation for a good relationship.

So I shifted my mindset to place of giving. I asked myself "what can I give in my next relationship?" I decided that my sole purpose for my next relationship was going to be to give love.

The good news is that switch from taking to giving has worked well for me. For 3 years I've enjoyed the beauty of a loving relationship.

Hope you are able to get the same outcome!

There are some great tips in the video. I hope you enjoy :) Grab the 7pg free ebook "Are You Pushing Love Away?" 5 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

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