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What are the Benefits of Energy Healing?

Energy healing can happen on an emotional, spiritual, mental or physical level. Energy shifts are often subtle, the shifts can take place during the session but often after the session is over.

Energy healing sessions reduce stress, induce relaxation thus activating the body’s natural healing abilities. It also helps to balance the body’s life-force and restore health and well-being.

Below are few benefits of energy healing:

  • Raises your vibrational frequency

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Creates deep relaxation

  • Helps the body to release stress and tension

  • Releases energy blocks

  • Helps you to grow spiritually

  • Improves immune system

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Improves mild depression

  • Balances chakras

  • Reduces emotional pain and stress

  • Increases sense of calm and inner peace

  • Helps to prevent physical disease

Over the last several years I have changed and shifted so much as I released negative energy and stories of the past that no longer served me. Consistent energy work can be life changing.

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