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What is Energy Healing

I love Carolyn Myss’s definition of energy healing. She says that energy healing is simply bringing your energy back into present time.

What does that mean Essence?

Well we unknowingly have a lot of our energy tied to situations, people and circumstances of the past. Believe it or not you still have a portion of your energy being allocated to the bully from childhood, how your parents treated you, your last breakup, the times when someone betrayed you, lied to, abused you, fired you etc…

You also have a portion of your energy allocated to your worries of the future. Will I find my soulmate, will I be financially secure, will I ever pay off this debt, etc…

Energy blocks can also be caused by any trauma, emotional/mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, and environmental stress. When we have energy blocks they keep us from functioning at our full potential. In addition the blocks leave us feeling weighed down, heavy, stressed out, anxious, fearful, sad, depressed etc…

Energy healing is the process of removing the negative emotional blocks from our energy field. The healing process brings our mind and body back to state of balance.

When we have an energy healing session we feel lighter, happier, healthy, peaceful, abundant, we just feel good all over. As we let go of our stories of the past and worries of the future we're able to retrieve our energy and bring back into the present moment.

Now we can be more of who we truly are, we can get things done, we can heal faster, and we can attract better circumstances and people into our lives.

There are numerous energy healing modalities that assist you in shifting or releasing your energy blocks.

Here’s a few:

-Radical Forgiveness


-Chakra Healing




-Shamanic Healing

In a nutshell Energetic healing takes a holistic approach that looks beyond the physical body to restore balance and homeostasis.

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