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Hi, I'm Essence

I’m no stranger to emotional pain...


For many years I struggled with low self-worth, unhappiness, was a borderline alcoholic, a smoker and I couldn't attract a healthy relationship to save my life.


I used to refer to myself as damaged goods because it felt so true.


I used to pray for better days to come my way, but they rarely ever did and I hated my life. I began to think I didn’t deserve much better.


One day the wise woman inside of me whispered: "If you're having the same toxic relationships and emotional pain year after year it's you, sweetheart, not them".

I discovered I was carrying abandonment and unworthiness issues from my childhood.

I went on a forgiveness and self-love journey to heal. I went all-in on myself, I did mirror work, affirmations but that only got me so far and I had to get help from coaches and healers to help get to the places I was afraid of visiting.


The journey was beautiful, painful, insightful, it broke me down. Then it built me back up and opened my heart more than I ever knew was possible.



  • I’ve found my purpose and I’m living it as a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and coach.

  • I found real and lasting love with a man who’s my best friend. He encourages me and supports my dreams.

  • I have a beautiful relationship with myself. No matter what my appearance, my body or life looks I love myself hard because self-love is deeper than surface level.

  • I’ve learned to love the small things that life has to offer which keeps me in a place of happiness and peace no matter what’s happening in my life or in the world

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