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This month's highlight is the masterclass:

5 Secrets to Call in Your Divine Love

(Even if you've always attracted emotionally unavailable guys in the past)

For a limited time, it also includes 2 bonuses 

  • “Calling In Your Divine Love” Manifestation Ceremony

  • "Opening Your Heart To Love" Healing Meditation


How to use this jumpstart to love bundle:


1. Watch the masterclass and take into account any areas that you need to work on. Journal after each secret is revealed or take time and journal after you’ve completed the masterclass.

2. Next, watch the manifestation ceremony. Follow it completely to send your request for love to the Universe.

3. Lastly, make a list of 5 people, anger or old resentments that may be blocking your heart. Listen to the healing meditation for 5 days in a row. Each day bringing one those people or resentments to mind as you listen and release.

Click the button "5 Secrets to Call in Your Divine Love" for access to the masterclass and the 2 bonuses. 

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