Do you wake up and go through your day feeling as though you have no real emotional connection to life? Do you often describe your mood as blah or just “OK”?

A lot of us women are carrying around unresolved anger, betrayal, hurt, anxiety, stress and many other negative emotions from our past. This negative emotional energy doesn't just go away, it gets lodged in your energy field, weighs you down and steals your peace, power and happiness. So basically those emotional energy blocks have caused you to lose your shine and left you feeling like blah.

Energy healing is a powerful tool to help you release the negative energy that is blocking your peace and happiness. I use several different energetic healing modalities to help you heal on a deep emotional level. Previous clients have reported feeling lighter, happier, free, peaceful, happy, excited about life, sparkly, calm and now it's your turn.

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February 2, 2017

I love Carolyn Myss’s definition of energy healing. She says that energy healing is simply bringing your energy back into present time.

What does that mean Essence?

Well we unknowingly have a lot of our energy tied to situations, people and circumstances of the past. Bel...

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