Radical Shift

Heart Chakra Clearing

5-Week Journey


The Radical Shift Chakra Clearing, gives you an energy boost, clears negative energy that you've been holding on to and restores your energy flow.



This 5-week journey will help you to release heartache, disappointments, negative feelings and emotions.


Imagine how you’ll feel 5-weeks from now…


Once you let go of the things that are weighing you down.


What if…


You lit up the whole room when you walked in.


You were able to love again.


You felt vibrant and radiated positive energy even on your toughest of days.


Which is exactly what The Radical Shift Heart Chakra Clearing will do for you.


You’ll receive 


2 Heart Chakra Clearings

1 Completion Heart Opening Session

Session via Zoom or Phone.


In the Chakra Clearing sessions, I'll guide through 3 different energy healing processes to clear your chakras.


In addition to clearing your heart chakra, we will clear your 6 other main chakras.


Heart Chakra Clearing

5-Week Journey $575


Pay plan  bi-weekly payments of $293.50


1-2 hour Chakra Clearing

1-90 min Chakra Clearing

1-1 hr Completion Session


In between each session, you'll receive soul-work to complete



-Energy Clearings




  • You will leave knowing what your next steps toward happiness are.

  • You will learn the techniques you need to release anger and hurt when it arises.

  • Your vibration will raise

  • Your heart chakra will open

  • You will  release energy blocks

  • You will reduce emotional pain and stress

  • You will Increase your sense of calm and inner peace


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Goddess Sacred Soul Healing Program (3 Months )


When we have things that have hurtful things happen to us, our body holds onto the negative energy, this negative energy drains our life force energy, blocks our blessings, keeps us tied to negative patterns, and attracts “bad luck” and unhealthy relationships.


This may be the reason why:

~You're stuck in a rut

~Good things aren't coming you're way like they used to

~You're not manifesting the love of your life


  When we notice this it’s our job to release these energy patterns so we can live with more peace, happiness and vibrancy.

This program for you if:


~You’re ready to stop trying to put a band-aid on big emotional wounds such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, multiple heartbreaks, divorce, abandonment issues, or family pain.


~You are you ready for long-lasting emotional freedom, peace calm and serenity?


~You want to raise your vibration in order to feel better, attract love, abundance and the other goodies you desire.


~You’ve noticed repeating patterns in any area of your life such as romance or career




 If any of those points resonated with you then this program is perfect for you.

Goddess Sacred Soul Healing is a spiritual healing technology that uses Radical Forgiveness, Chakra Clearing, EFT, Reiki and Shamanic tools which helps you to release the negative energy patterns of fear, resentment, anger, betrayal and many more.


Want to learn more?


Fill out the Pre-Booking Contact Form below to book 30 min consultation to see if this is a fit for both of us.



Here are a few Miracles that may happen in your personal life when you heal your heart.


  • You learn to become happy for no reason

  •  Experience the emotional and mental peace you’ve been seeking

  • You’ll start to make better relationship choices

  • You may reach new levels of success in your career or business

  • You drop the inner critic and become your own cheerleader

  • Your self-love and self-worth increases

  • You release emotional pain and baggage from the past and experience emotional freedom

  • Finally, break free dysfunctional dating patterns

  • Your heart heals from previous heartache and pain

  • You find meaning and purpose in your life

  • You learn how to forgive those who've hurt you the most

  • Experience Self Forgiveness

  • Recover and make peace with your parents and childhood

Goddess Sacred Soul Healing Program $1297 (payment plan available)


1-2 hr Chakra Clearing

1-90 min Chakra Clearing

10-Coaching/Energy clearing phone/video sessions (50-60 min)

Email Access

Weekly Soulwork (homework)

Energy healing/clearing meditations