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Are you ready to open your heart and step into your power as a Goddess?



I know you’re ready to live the life you truly desire.


You want…


-Lasting happiness and peace

-A beautiful relationship that’s Passionate, intimate love

-An overflow of money, not just enough to get by

-Live your purpose and share your gifts with the world


To sum it all up.

You want abundance in all areas of your life.


If you’re not experiencing love, happiness, compassion, and abundance it may be because your heart is closed.



Here are 15 signs that your heart Chakra is closed


  1. You keep your emotions bottled up

  2. You keep a protective wall up

  3. Your holding onto 1 or more grudges

  4. You’re full of fear and self-doubt

  5. You’re still dwelling on a past relationship

  6. You have a hard time trusting others

  7. You hold on to hurts of the past (abandonments, rejections, abuse etc..)

  8. You’re afraid to let your light shine, so you’re a little shy

  9. You have commitment issues

  10. You put others ahead of you and yourself on the backburner

  11. You can be judgmental

  12. You feel stuck often

  13. You can sometimes be mean or harsh

  14. You have hard sharing your gifts and talents with the world

  15. You’re not in tune with your intuition and inner Goddess


If you answered Yes to any of these signs then it's time to begin taking steps toward opening your heart!


Help is on the way!


I’ve created this audio called The Goddess Heart Opening Activation.


This audio Is designed to open your heart and activate your inner goddess.


When you open your heart you:

Create abundance in all areas of your life

Smile for no reason

Release your past hurts

Connect with your inner goddess



If you are ready to practice goddess alchemy by turning the energy of your hurts into power and acceptance then click the button below.

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