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You're a Goddess and you deserve to be loved, adored and treated like the Queen you are!








In the past, you've dated guys who



-Who talked down to you

-Who disrespected you

-Who walked away from


It's time to say goodbye to those duds and break the cycle of unhealthy relationships.


You deserve better than that!


You deserve a man…



Who opens the door for you

Who smiles when you walk in the room

Who brags to his friends about you

Who is proud to have you on his arm



 That’s why I put together the


"Heal Your Heart, Break the Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships" bundle


it includes...



1. Heart Chakra Audio Activation.


This audio allows you to connect with your heart, release the pain, shift your energy and step into your Goddess power.




2. The Breakup with your Baggage Mini-Class


A short course on how your past is creating unhealthy relationships in your present.




3. A New Moon Ritual for Calling in Your Divine Love


This ceremony shows you to release your last relationship and call in the love you truly deserve.




When you join below your free gifts will be sent to you via email over the next 5 days which will give you time to digest each one.















If you’re not experiencing loving healthy relationships

it’s because your heart is closed due to past hurts…



Here are 15 signs that your heart Chakra is closed


Do you….


1.     You keep your emotions bottled up

2.     You keep a protective wall up

3.     Your holding onto 1 or more grudges

4.     You’re full of fear and self-doubt

5.     You’re still dwelling on a past relationship


6.     You have a hard time trusting others

7.     You hold on to hurts of the past (abandonments, rejections, abuse etc..)

8.     You’re afraid to let your light shine, so you’re a little shy

9.     You have commitment issues

10. You put others ahead of you and yourself on the backburner

11. You can be judgmental

12. You feel stuck often

13. You can sometimes be mean or harsh

14. You have hard sharing your gifts and talents with the world

15. You’re not in tune with your intuition and inner Goddess


If you answered Yes to any of these signs then it's time to begin taking steps toward healing your heart!


Help is on the way!

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