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Welcome to



"Goddess Glow"


A Virtual Goddess Gathering


You're a Goddess which means you were meant to shine and "Glow".


But as you go through life you get weighed down by
life's drama and
lose your shine.


Now you have a place to recharge online with other Goddesses.


What could be cooler than a group of women coming together to have a good time, grow, raise their vibe, and glow?

















“Goddess Glow” is a virtual Goddess Gathering.


This free online gathering is for the woman who is on a mission to share her gifts and talents with the world but is feeling a little stuck and needs an energy boost.


Together as a group we can combine our power, open our hearts, raise our vibe

Come to the Goddess Gathering if you’re ready to step into your power, open your heart, raise your vibe and glow.


When: July 17

Time: 7:30 pm est

Where: Via Zoom Video Conference


On Zoom we will:


Share our intentions

Get to know one another in small groups

Recite powerful Goddess Mantras together

and more....


Feel free to come to the call with your video on looking like a Goddess!

Wear your crown if you choose!



Join the Goddess Glow Tribe for log-in details.



You're welcome to also dial in to participate by phone, not video.



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