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Essence Turner

Spiritual Life Coach


A 7-month transformational journey through healing your deepest wounds, embracing self-love, and embodying your most abundant self 

You hear the soft voice whispering within

She's nudging you to awaken out of the depths of your pain, anger, sadness and heartbreak.


All that you’ve experienced was a part of your evolution and Goddess path, but now it is time to elevate above all that keeps you shackled to the past.


The divine feminine is calling you to rise.



It's time to let go of...

Feeling unimportant and invisible: Struggling to love yourself and see your value because the people around you don't know how to treat you. No more questioning your existence, feeling sorry for yourself and apologizing even when you haven’t done anything wrong.

Not knowing who you are: Not knowing what you like. Spending an absurd amount of time pleasing others. Loose boundaries and saying yes when you really mean no.

Having it all but still unhappy: Not enjoying your life even though your life looks perfect on the outside. No more feeling guilty and ungrateful which causes you to dislike yourself even more.

Feeling numb: Weighed down by an empty and heavy heart. Moving through life on autopilot and feeling like a robot because you're disconnected from your heart and lost your inner spark.  

Not recognizing yourself: Looking in the mirror and you disliking what you see. Trying to avoid the mirror as much as possible because when you do see your reflection it starts a whirlwind of negative thoughts & self-talk.

Those days of smallness are over!

Those days of not loving yourself are done!

 Those days of sadness end now!

How your essence begins to dim...

Your essence is your real intrinsic nature, it's the engine that drives your soul.

Think of it as your inner light.

When you play small, hold onto the past, feel heavy and weighed down or you're dealing with unpleasant circumstances in the present your light begins to dim. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I guide you on an inner journey to work through your past and present issues that are causing you to feel heavy and weighed down so that you can heal, grow and elevate your essence.

When your core essence is turned on and elevated, you live as the vibrant Beautiful Happy Goddess you were put on this earth to be.

Your happiness and wholeness await.


 But you have to choose it.


 You have to say “yes, I choose to elevate, stand in my power and be the Goddess I was created to be”... and then take the divine action to back it up.

The world needs you in your power:


Speaking up for yourself

Loving & accepting yourself

Standing in your truth

Living your purpose

Dancing in your joy


 The more women living in their power the better this world will be and that includes you.


As you step into your power you’re not only liberating yourself from pain, you’re freeing others and you’re also paving the way for future generations.


When you’re living in your fullest expression as a Goddess it has trickle effect that inspires others to their own journey of wholeness and authenticity.


This is the moment in your heroine's journey where it’s time to step into your courage to heal and shed the layers that weigh you down and keep you feeling insignificant.


   Elevate Your Essence 7-Month Transformational Journey 

7 months of energy healing, ceremonies, coaching, and chakra activation.

The purpose of this journey is to heal the past, love yourself, integrate into wholeness and to awaken your soul remembrance of the beautiful, happy, peaceful Goddess you came here to be. 

>> On our private calls we will work together to uncover your blocks to wholeness, the unhealthy belief systems that keep you anchored to the past and heal them so that you can move forward towards the life you truly desire.

>>You will have access to the online elevation portal which includes trainings to help you heal, integrate and elevate mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


This is an opportunity to heal on such a deep level that it changes the trajectory of your life.


Book a Connection Call so that we can make sure that we're a good fit for each other. Then we can move forward with our work together.

Dive in and experience the possibilities...

Worthiness: Awaken to your worthiness to love and be loved and start having healthier friendships and relationships.

Harmony & Balance: Restore your natural connection with Earth and nature to invoke deep inner peace and harmony

Letting Go: Release anger, sadness, hurt and other patterns that you keep tethered to the past so that you can finally move forward with understanding and forgiveness in your heart.


Self-Forgiveness: Forgive yourself for the mistakes, and mishaps of the past and stop beating yourself up.

Self-Honor: Learn to honor, accept and process your emotions so that you're free to live in your joy.


Self-Trust: Build self-trust so that you can start keeping your promises to yourself once and for all follow your inner wisdom


Increased Intuition: Connect deeper to your soul, Goddesses and your higher self to increase your intuition and always be guided down the right path.


Self-Love: Fall in love with yourself and learn to see yourself through the lens of love & compassion


Acceptance: Accept and appreciate yourself, your body, and your life exactly as it is flaws and all without changing a thing.


Self-Expression: Start speaking your truth, stop people-pleasing and live in your authenticity without holding back.

All of the divine qualities that you desire are already inside of you but you have to give yourself permission to unleash them.

Once you have healed and elevated your essence look out world there’s a brand new woman in town.

A woman who wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face because she’s grateful to have another day to live her purpose and interact with the people she loves.

She feeds her body with movement and beautiful food because she sees her body as gift from God.


She has a healthy loving relationship with herself because she finally realizes her value and how amazing she is. Her newfound self-love is also reflected back to her through healthy friendships, intimate and family relationships.

She’s deeply connected to nature and her intuition because she knows that this is the connection that fuels her spirit.

She feeds her mind knowledge, kind words and has cut out the negative self-talk.  She has learned how to honor and process each one of her emotions which allows her to be totally at peace with herself.

To sum it up she feels happy, whole and complete. THIS IS  WHAT'S IN STORE FOR YOU!

How to enroll?

Learn more about the 7-month process, how the program works, and the steps to enroll.

This video will give you a greater understanding of what working with me will look like so that you can be sure it's a good fit before you book your call.


Please watch before you book your Connection Enrollment call.  

I work within a framework however the process isn’t linear it’s very fluid. It's based on the client's goals, what’s blocking them, what they want to release. It’s very customized.

Generally, the only part that’s linear are the first 2 months.

The first month we're laying the foundation for our time together.

We'll be looking into your life and your past to find out what may be creating energy blocks, dimming your light and keeping you from your beautiful happy life.

We'll also be diving into your vision, goals, and family relationships. It's an investigation period and once I have all of the information I’ll chart a path for your healing and growth.


Then month 2 we begin the healing process. 

That's the only part of the process that's linear the rest of our time will be a fluid dance between the steps below.

My framework the 7 R's


1. ReVisioning, Goals & Assessment, we will continuously check in with where you are, where you're headed, and what's blocking you. 


2. Recalibrating your energy, Emotional processing. Healing trauma, mother & father wounds and inner child work. Releasing anger, abandonment, rejection, divorce, sadness, jealousy, heartbreak, grief etc...(I will use my various coaching techniques and spiritual tools during this phase. See the about section to learn more about tools & qualifications.


 3. Radical self-acceptance & self-forgiveness, healing and releasing shame, learning to love yourself and cultivate a deep relationship with yourself. Increase self-worth.


4. Radical forgiveness  for forgiving others and healing family dynamics


5. Radical abundance activation. Healing any money wounds, limiting beliefs, worthiness issues and opening to receive abundance.


6. Reconditioning your mind, Releasing limiting beliefs such as I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I don’t matter, there’s something wrong with me etc…


7. Real Authentic aligned action, accountability for you showing up for yourself such as applying for a new position, creating a webinar for your business, calling your sister after 3 years of not speaking etc…

I go into more detail in the video and give you two client examples of how the framework looks in action. 

Video example #1: Stephanie P's testimonial

Video example #2: Lorree P's testimonial


4x a month private energy accountability, healing & coaching calls which include...

  • Soulwork in between sessions

  • Unlimited email support

  • Unlimited Voxer support (an app for audio messaging & text)

Pre-recorded video trainings and energy healing activations for wholeness & integration

Bonus Course

Elevate Your Essence Activation 3 day Online Retreat

A 3-day online retreat to activate your most beautiful happy goddess self. 


Together we will dive into the relationship with yourself, uncover energetic blocks,  gain clarity on your deepest desires and the pathway to living your most abundant life.


I typically work with clients on a 4 or 7-month basis however the program length may vary depending on client needs.


Programs may actually range from:

9 weeks $2600 to 10 months $11,000.



This Journey is For You If  You're...

>>Willing to do the work and NOT looking for a quick fix or a magic pill.


>>Open-minded when it comes to alternative healing. This may include: working with your higher self, inner child, shamanism, journaling, drawing, dancing, sound, chakra, nature and pulling Goddess cards.


>>Willing to forgive, shift out of blame, and a victim mindset. This means you're ready to heal, let go and move forward in this moment.

>>Willing to be open, vulnerable, and truthfully share things with me so that I can help you.


>>Willing to create the time and make this program a priority for yourself.


>>Looking for someone who is NOT clinical, or stern. My energy is very zen, peaceful, I love to laugh and bring lightness to my work. I take a spiritual approach with my work. This allows me to work from my heart and intuition which helps my clients get great results.

My Approach


As Shamanic Practitioner, I use energy healing tools such as soul retrieval, chakra healing, and inner child work to go deep and release energy blocks.


 I'm also a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Money Archetype Coach, EFT Practitioner, Reiki & Chakra healer.


I've been where you are and I know what it feels like to be unhappy with life, emotionally wounded, disconnected from my light, feeling like something's wrong with me and have no freaking clue how to pull myself out.


This is why I coach from compassion. I'm not an in your face coach, I hold a loving, supportive, non-judgmental safe space for my clients to heal and grow.


I'm very intuitive and able to sense what my client needs. You will always feel seen, heard and supported.


 I truly believe in the wholeness approach and this is why I work with my clients on the level of mind, body and soul.


Hi, I'm Essence

I’m a Spiritual Life Coach and I guide women to breakthrough heavy stuck emotions, embrace self-love and embody your most abundant self.

I know this journey all too well, for years I lived with father wounds and abandonment issues. I went on a spiritual journey to heal and learn to love myself and it’s been hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.

I knew that I wanted to share this healing work with other women so I became a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Money Archetype & Abundance Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Certified Shamanic Healer.

Now I have the honor of living my purpose as a healer and spiritual guide to wonderful women just like you.

Who do I work with?

I welcome women from all backgrounds, race, age, religion, and sexual orientation, your personal journey & life experiences will be honored here.

My Approach


As a Spiritual Life Coach, I use energy healing tools such as soul retrieval, chakra healing, and inner child work to go deep and release energy blocks.


 I'm also a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Money Archetype Coach, EFT Practitioner, Reiki & Chakra healer.


I've been where you are and I know what it feels like to be unhappy with life, emotionally wounded, disconnected from my light, feeling like something's wrong with me and have no freaking clue how to pull myself out.


This is why I coach from compassion. I'm not an in your face coach, I hold a loving, supportive, non-judgmental safe space for my clients to heal and grow.


I'm very intuitive and able to sense what my client needs. You will always feel seen, heard and supported.


 I truly believe in the wholeness approach and this is why I work with my clients on the level of mind, body and soul.


What women are saying about working with me!


From the very 1st time we chatted on the phone I got a sense of “OMG, I think she is who I’ve been needing all this time”. Currently I have been working with her for the past 6 weeks and for me to see who I am now as opposed to who I was when I started. I’m truly amazed. I feel like I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel... Read full testimonial

stacey-31 (1).jpg


I felt safe immediately with Essence and we were able to go to a deep trauma I was still holding within me. Our healing session and her guidance helped transform this pain and ‘stuckness’ like nothing ever had. I trusted her with my most tender and vulnerable part of myself and in return was able to access a profound healing experience. 

Jenn testimonial Pic.JPG


Her tools and techniques really work. I was able to heal and let go of the 3 most traumatizing events in my life. I could see them from a different perspective and was able to let go of the anger, deep hurt and shame I was feeling.

happy (1).jpg


 Essence was there to support me through the entire process with no judgment. She also had excellent tools to assist with the healing and with my dedication I saw instant results.

 My results were increased self-esteem/love, true forgiveness, weight loss, happiness, homeownership, increased clientele, and more. 

8 months ago I had hit a pretty solid rock bottom emotionally and mentally.


 I felt stuck in a state of melancholy, sadness and no momentum to continue to pursue my Coaching career, my active lifestyle or my love life.  I spent months laying about, watching endless tv and eating way to many Doritos. Being a Health and Life Coach, this was NOT the way I wanted to be. 

Connecting with Essence and having her as my Coach was the best investment in myself that I have made to date.  From the very first session Essence listened to me in a way I have not been heard before. 

What I got out of our work together is nothing short of transformational.  I went from stuck to ON FIRE!! I went from no momentum to CONSISTENT action in not only my coaching business, where I was averaging a new client every two weeks, but also taking action in a new solid way in my love life.


Read full testimonial 


Stephanie P

Listen as my private client for the first time ever shares her story of abuse and the impact my coaching had on her life. (She shared it on one of my live classes)

My client shares what she enjoyed about working together

Nashira Pic.jpg


Have you ever known that you needed something but couldn't quite put your finger on it? But even if you had, you wouldn't know who you should ask for help. This was my experience right before I met Essence. I knew something had been lurking in my life that felt like a blocker but I couldn't figure out how to reach that elevation. Essence has not only gotten me there but she's taken me higher.



 I struggled to find peace in my life and felt that I would never be able to change or escape my state of endless anxiety, frustration, pain, heartache and repeated patterns/cycles... and was I wrong! Essence has been a life saver for me



"WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY MARRIED" Essence helped heal the wound of my father. Even though my father is still alive, and still in my life there was some past emotional pain… Essence also helped me write a love list, I read it every morning to the universe. Today I’m married to the love of my life, to the man I always asked the universe for and the universe took care of everything for us. 

  • Is this a group or private program?
    This is a private coaching & healing program that includes an online classroom component.
  • What is the time commitment
    Optional pre-recorded Content varies in length. Private 1:1 calls 50 minutes. *Occasionally calls will go over into the 75-90 minute range therefore a subsequent call may be 45 minutes. ~Soulwork (homework) based on the call 30 min-1 hour a week
  • What if I don't watch the videos or do the homework?
    Most often we will proceed with the scheduled private call. If this continues we will explore any blocks that are keeping from fully showing up.
  • What experience is need to join the program?
    All are welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. I will be there to guide you.
  • What is a Goddess?
    Goddess with a capital G defined as female Gods, also refers to the mother/female aspect of creation. Everyday modern Goddess-( you and me) A woman who is connected to her inner wise woman and intuition. She's committed to living as her true authentic self, being a bright light in this world, she loves & accepts herself, she's a work in progress, cares for herself and body temple.
  • What are the payment plans and refund options?
    A full payment will include a bonus savings Monthly payments via Paypal recurring auto debit Bi-weekly payments also available via Paypal recurring auto debit Refunds: No refunds to ensure that clients are fully committed to the program and coaching.
  • What kind of people have you helped?
    I have successfully helped women with abandonment issues, severe physical & emotional abuse, sexual abuse, inner child healing, mother & father wounds, break-ups, divorce, and death of loved ones. I'm not a therapist. As a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach and Shamanic Practitioner I guide my clients through the use of certain tools that heal them on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level. The spiritual, energetic, and emotional levels are where the inner wounds first form and need the most attention and that doesn't always happen in a clinical setting.
  • What makes this program special?
    This program is geared toward wholeness, self-love, energy healing and raising your vibration. This isn't about stuffing your mind full of information. It's about doing the deep work required to remove the layers of pain, hurt, trauma and false beliefs that are preventing you from living as beautiful happy peaceful woman you are here to be.
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