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She Who Heals Her Mind 

 The Lightworker's Guide to Positive Thinking and Living Your Purpose Beyond Fear and Doubt.


"She Who Heals Her Mind" is more than just a book – it's a roadmap to positivity, optimism, courage, and self-belief.

Many of today's messages focus on mindset, but they overlook key elements. This book steps in, providing a spiritual foundation to understand the laws of thought.

Next, it instills a deep sense of remembrance, so that you never forget your power.

Lastly, to truly grasp this wisdom, it must become a part of your being, not just a mental concept.

That's why this book includes healing practices like EFT, prayer, yoga, and deep breathing which go beyond intellectual understanding.

In just 11 days, you’ll be on a path that not only elevates your mind but also empowers you to courageously live your purpose.

Inside you'll discover:

~Mindset Transformation: A guide tailored for female lightworkers, transforming fear, doubt, and negative thoughts fostering a mindset of positivity, abundance, and worthiness.

~Daily Practices: Embodiment practices including EFT, Prayer, yoga, and deep breathing to clear mental and emotional blocks.

~Modern Adaptation: A clear breakdown of 19th-century language with modern examples for accessibility and relatability.

~Structured Learning: Chapters divided into daily readings for easy integration into busy schedules, ensuring consistent use and mindset shifts.

~Emotional Exploration: Encouragement for readers to explore and embrace deeper emotions in order to reach profound self-awareness and personal growth.

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