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Beautiful Happy Goddess

Compassionate Self-Leadership


Essence Turner

Helping you motivate and guide yourself, your life & biz foward from compassion without guilting or shaming yourself.

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Compassionate Self-Leadership Academy
5 Month Program

Month 1 Foundation:

Where are you now, what are you struggling with and what's been keeping stuck.

Month 2 & 3 The Clearing:

Releasing the trauma & limiting beliefs that prevent a healthy relationship with yourself. 

Month 4 Self-Compassion

Learning how to have a new & compassionate relationship with yourself. Going after goals or completing the to-do list from self-kindness not shame

Month 5 Embodiment

Putting a practice in order to live your daily from self-love

5 Month Program

Investment: $5700



7 Months
Self-Leadership Academy

For those who have deep trauma, multiple traumas, shame or emotional wounds to heal. We will follow the same framework as the five-month program but this gives us more time and spaciousness to go deep and give the most traumatic events the attention they deserve.

7 month program



9 Weeks
Self-Leadership Academy

Do you have one or two limiting beliefs that you'd like to work through that are holding you back?


 Is there a person, situation, fear or failure that you feel is holding you back in your life or business and wood like some help releasing it? 


This option is for you. 


1. We will get clear on the issue that is holding you back.


2. I will create a coaching and energy healing plan to help you work through the issues we've chosen. We will implement this plan over the next few weeks via our one-on-one sessions and through homework in between sessions.


3. We will in the nine weeks with an easy-to-follow plan to keep your newfound shift in place.



9 Week Program


Hi, I'm Essence

I’m a Spiritual Life Coach and I guide women to breakthrough heavy stuck emotions, embrace self-love and embody your most abundant self.

I know this journey all to well, for years I lived with father wounds and abandonment issues. I went on a spiritual journey to heal and learn to love myself and it’s been hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.

I knew that I wanted to share this healing work with other women so I became a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Money Archetype & Abundance Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Certified Shamanic Healer.

Now I have the honor of living my purpose as a healer and spiritual guide to wonderful women just like you.

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