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Essence Turner

Radical Forgiveness Coach

Energy Healer

It's time to release the heartache, anger, hurt and shift your heart energy with a Chakra Clearing.


You need a Radical Shift!


Chakras are energy centers in the body.


 When your energy is flowing harmoniously through all 7 chakras your energy you’ll know it because you’ll get to feel happy, peaceful and things in your life will flow.


The problem comes in when you hold onto negative feelings, emotions, heartache, shame and disappointments.


Holding on to this negative energy creates blocks in you’re your energy and it’s hard to manifest love, happiness, peace and abundance.

This Journey Will help you if you're experiencing:

This is for you if you've been trying to get over your ex or you need to release a toxic tie with someone.

You are over due for this session if you've been experiencing:

Emotional stress connected to a specific person and or event.

Obsessive thoughts about the person

Sleepless nights

Feeling powerless and hopeless

Patterns of people leaving you

Patterns of being betrayed or cheated on

Crying for no reason

Unable to move on

Keep telling the same sad stories

You have arguments in your head with the person

Replaying old conversations with the person in your head

Stalking them on social media

Strong feelings of sadness and depression about the past

This 3 Session Chakra Clearing Journey


Is designed to help you clear and release an issue that you've been holding onto and want to release in order to be lighter, freer, and align with love.


You’ll receive:



Session 1- 75 min Chakra Clearing Session

(to release shame, hurt and or disappointment.)



Session 2 - 50 min Cord Cutting

(to the cut the ties with shame and release it.)



Session 3- 30 min Completion Session

To discuss where you are you and what you want moving forward

Homework & email support and guidance in between sessions



**All Sessions are via Zoom audio*


This 3 session journey is to dissolve 1 issue that you've been holding onto.


In the Chakra Clearing sessions, I'll guide through 3 different energy healing processes to clear all 7 chakras.




In between each session, you'll receive soul-work to complete


Here’s what you can expect:


  • Your vibration will raise

  • You’ll be even closer to aligning with your Divine Love

  • Your heart chakra will open more

  • You will  release energy blocks

  • You will reduce emotional pain and stress

  • You will increase your sense of calm and inner peace



You deserve to Stop hiding your light under the dark cloud of hurt


It's time to break free and shine.

Monthly Special


Fill out the form with your best email address and I'll be in contact to set-up payment and appointment date.







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