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Radical Shift

Heart Chakra Clearing

5-Week Journey

You desire to be the woman who lights up the room

The woman who receives hugs, kisses and balanced love

The Goddess whose simple presence inspires others to be happy


That could be your story…

The only problem is

You’ve lost your shine, your heart is heavy and you’ve been feeling blah lately.


There's no reason for you to feel

Heavy Hearted

Emotional stress


You were meant for far more and deep down you know it

You need a Radical Shift!



Sister it's time to shift your Heart energy with a Chakra Clearing.



Chakras are energy centers in the body. When your energy is flowing harmoniously through all 7 chakras your energy you’ll know it because you’ll get to feel happy, healthy, vibrant, and loving.


The problem comes in when you hold onto negative feelings, emotions, heartache and disappointments.


Holding on to this negative energy creates blocks in your chakras. When you have a block the energy can longer flow harmoniously, which causes you to feel tired, sad, heavy and stressed.


The Heart Chakra Clearing Sessions will clear all 7 chakras, give you an energy boost and restores your energy flow.



Right now…

 You feel tired, depleted and some days you don't want to get out of the bed


You often wonder if your heart will ever heal so you can love again.


You often put a fake smile on just so people won't know what's going on inside of you.


Imagine how you’ll feel 5-weeks from now…


Once you let go of the things that are weighing you down.


What if…


You lit up the whole room when you walked in.


You were able to love again.


You felt vibrant and radiated positive energy even on your toughest of days


Which is exactly what The Radical Shift Heart Chakra Clearing will do for you.


For you the woman who wants to let go of the hurt, feel good again, shine bright like a diamond and open her heart to love again.


You’ll receive 


2 Heart Chakra Clearings

1 Completion Session (Cord Cutting or Altering)

Session via Zoom or Phone.


In the Chakra Clearing sessions, I'll guide through 3 different energy healing processes to clear your chakras.


In addition to clearing your heart chakra, we will clear your 6 other main chakras.


Heart Chakra Clearing

5-Week Journey $575


1-2 hour Chakra Clearing

1-90 min Chakra Clearing

1-1 hr Completion Session


In between each session, you'll receive soul-work to complete



-Energy Clearings



  • You will leave knowing what your next steps toward happiness are.

  • You will learn the techniques you need to release anger and hurt when it arises.

  • Your vibration will raise

  • Your heart chakra will open

  • You will  release energy blocks

  • You will reduce emotional pain and stress

  • You will Increase your sense of calm and inner peace



How it works:


1. Click fill out pre-booking form.


2. You’ll be directed to the pre-booking form.


3. You’ll receive an email from me with a link to my calendar.


4. To get started we'll have complimentary 15 minute call make sure the Radical Shift Chakra Clearing Journey is the best fit for you.


On this no pressure call we'll chat, get to know each other and talk about your healing goals. Click here to fill out form.

Unlike other chakra clearings Radical Shift Heart Chakra Clearing is unique because....


  • It's not just a guided a meditation you're actively participating which creates more of a positive shift and deeper clearing.

  • It uses the Radical Forgiveness energy healing technology.

  • It transforms pain into peace.

  • You will feel a shift at the end of your sessions.

  • When you make clearing your chakras a priority…

  • Your will open so that you can attract love and replace pain with the happiness you deserve.


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