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Breakup With Your Baggage

So You Can Open Your Heart to Love



You're the woman who wants:


Date Night


A man who surprises you with flowers


Someone to spend the holidays with.



You want to be with the man who


Opens doors for you


 Compliments you


 Makes you laugh


 Hugs you for no reason.


To sum it all up...



You Want to Be Treated Like A Queen.



The only problem is..


The guys you’ve dated in the past have


Disrespected you 

Put you second

 Cheated on you


Won't commit to you



You don’t deserve to feel..








You deserve to be treated exactly like the Queen you are.



That's why I've created programs and courses to help you break the cycle of unhealthy relationships that have left you feeling hurt, betrayed and abandoned.


Through energy healing, radical forgiveness and self-love practices, I’ll support you to heal the wounds of the past and create a vision for the partnership you desire (and deserve) -- so that you can call in divine love at last.




Book your 45-minute Breakthrough Consultation:


We'll dive into 3 things:


*We’ll take a look at your past relationships (intimate, family and friends)


*We’ll uncover any emotional blocks


*We’ll discuss what you want to create in the future.


And then if it’s a good fit for both of us I’ll share my programs and we’ll discuss how to move forward. 


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My Story


In the past, I dated guys who disappeared on me, who slept with my friend, lied to my face and even stole money from me.


I thought I would never find a healthy, happy, loving, committed relationship.



I was convinced that I was destined to be alone.


But that changed and true love came my way.


The big shift for me...




My love life turned around when I found out that my inner world creates my outer world.


My inner world was full of disappointment and sadness. 


I had abandonment issues from my Dad not raising me, I believed I wasn't worthy or loveable.


And guess what...


My relationships mirrored my inner world.


Guys abandoned me, and treated me as though I was unloveable and unworthy.




It all changed when I began to heal and release my hurt, sadness, anger and the rest of my baggage.


I had to create a new inner foundation.


A foundation that didn't harbor any anger, resentment. 

A foundation of self-love, self-worth and self-respect.




Once I healed and became healthy inwardly my outer world began to shift and I manifested a healthy loving relationship.


It's been four years that I've been in love with this man.


He's my best-friend, we love spending time together,

we have great communication, and he supports my dreams,



I know that this was only possible because I released, healed and opened my heart to love.


I'd love to help help you on your journey to love. Book your consultation today.




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