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Welcome to Beautiful Happy Peaceful Goddess


Essence Turner

Spiritual Life Coach


From shame to shining. 

A four-month journey into self-love and wholeness through Radical Forgiveness and raising your vibration.

Raising your vibration is the key to happiness, wholeness, and inner peace

Welcome Goddess,

We haven't officially met yet, but I can sense that you're a beautiful, sensitive soul.

I believe that you possess a bright light within you that is meant to touch and impact the world around you.

You're the go-to person for advice among your friends and family, but you're so drained right now that you can barely advise yourself.

Your thoughts, ideas, and insights leave a lasting impression on everyone who comes into contact with you, yet you can't seem to access your own greatness right now.

People enjoy being around you because you're fun and full of love, but recently you haven't been as much fun to be around because you've lost your spark.

You used to be really passionate about your ideas and goals, but you've been feeling uninspired and unmotivated for the past few months.

You haven't felt like yourself lately, which is why you've come here.


Let's check-in with your vibration


Are you tired or do you have low energy regardless of how much rest you get, and it's not because of your health?


Do you have goals that you want to achieve but don't have the desire, motivation, or inspiration to keep going?


Are you having disagreements with others, are your relationships strained, or are you stuck in a cycle of attracting unhealthy relationships?


Do you feel burdened and heavy because you're burying past trauma (heartbreak, divorce, childhood trauma, abandonment, inner child issues, mother/father wounds, rejection, or physical, verbal, or emotional abuse)?


Are you unable to see the beauty in life and have very little gratitude? 


Do you feel sad, angry, depressed, shame, guilt, or depression (or any other low vibe feeling) throughout the week and have been experiencing one or more of these emotions for three months or longer?

If you answered yes to 3 or more this program is the answer to your prayers.

Here's why this woo-woo vibration stuff is real:

Have you ever said or thought, "I like her vibe" or "I don't like his vibe?"

As a sensitive soul, you can sense their "vibe" and energy intuitively through your own energetic field.

Their vibration, or "vibe," is an intangible energy that you cannot see or touch but can feel and pick up on.


Just like those vibes you've previously picked up on from others, you're radiating your own energy and vibes, which determines how people react to you and what you attract into your life. (or fail to attract)


What energy are you radiating out now?


Is it a high vibration and magnetic energy that attracts people, situations, abundance, and beautiful relationships?


Or is it a low vibe, heavy energy, and you're not attracting your desires?


You might even suspect that something is blocking you from attracting what you desire. As if God or some force in the universe doesn’t want you to be happy.

I've been there as well. And here's what I learned.

It's not that God or the Universe don't want you to be happy! It's your vibration that attracts or repels what you want, as well as what you don't want.


What’s lowering your vibration?


Deep down, you may know what's weighing you down, but a part of you is afraid to face it.

Maybe it's your past heartbreak, trauma, shame, failure, rejection, abandonment, or even your disappointments.


Your brain says “that old stuff is in the past, there's no way it can affect me now”.


Except it's affecting you. Every day of your life, even if you're not aware of it.

Your soul is aware of the past and what is truly going on, which is why it has led you to this page.

Everything is energy

The issues that are being suppressed, avoided, and swept under the rug are the very things that are weighing you down.

You've probably heard the expression "everything is energy."

That is to say...

  • Every event, including your first kiss, job promotion, and family vacation, has a vibration.

  • All of the times your mother yelled at you, when the cute guy broke up with you, and the time that you didn't get your dream job, also have a vibration.


Every thought, every situation, every shameful experience

Every event, every relationship, every memory, every trauma

Every childhood experience, every failure, every abandonment,

And every disappointment… Holds an energetic frequency or vibration.

If you've had multiple heavy or low vibrational situations in your life or business, they'll eventually take their toll, weigh you down, and lower your vibration.

I'm an Energy Healer but you can also think of me as your "Spiritual Energy Mechanic"!


Your body, like your car, is a vehicle.


It is the vehicle that helps move you through life.


Just as your car requires a tune-up and oil change to run smoothly, you will need a spiritual and emotional tune-up from time to time.


Your traumas, disappointments, heartbreaks, business setbacks, money fears, childhood wounds... (and all of the pain) do not simply disappear after they occur; they are stored in the body.


The pain you carry in your body causes emotional wear and tear, which manifests itself in your daily life as...


  • Attracting unhealthy relationships as a result of your father wounds.


  • Weight gain as a result of eating to avoid thinking about your problems and what is making you unhappy.


  • Fatigue because you're stressed and haven't gotten a good night's sleep in months.


  • Accumulating debt because you're buying things to fill the void in your heart.


  • Procrastinating on your goals and desires because you're afraid things won't work out or that you'll fail like the last time you tried.


  • Fighting with your man because you saw your parents arguing and disrespecting each other.

  • Investing in certifications or business programs but deep down you don't feel confident or that you're enough to serve and charge clients. 

The vibration and memories of everything you've been through are still present in your body vehicle, weighing you down and causing you to act out.


This is why energy healing (tune-ups) and raising your vibration is important.

Sometimes all it takes is one bad experience to knock you down.  Such as...


When a loved one passes away, and you're buried behind a mountain of grief.


A divorce or breakup tears a hole in your heart.


A business failure that results in profound disappointment.


A mistake or poor decision that affects you and your family.


The good news is that just because your vibe is low right now doesn't mean it has to stay that way indefinitely!


There’s hope! And it doesn’t have to be difficult or take forever.


You are meant to be emotionally free and joyful, and this program will help you get there swiftly with lightness and ease.




"Becoming Beautiful Happy Peaceful"


From Shame to Shining


It's time to let go of everything that's weighing you down and raise your vibration.


We will work together to clear your energetic blocks, gain clarity on your deepest desires, and raise your vibration so that you can live your beautiful, happy, peaceful life from the inside out.


Here’s what you can expect to experience over the next four months…


  • Start having healthier friendships and relationships by awakening your worthiness to love and be loved.


  • Let go of anger, sadness, hurt, and other patterns that bind you to the past so that you can finally move forward with understanding and forgiveness in your heart.


  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes and mishaps, and stop berating yourself.


  • Develop self-trust so you can start honoring your promises to yourself and trusting your intuition.


  • Learn to accept and value yourself, your body, and your life as they are, flaws and all.


  • More energy, motivation, and inspiration to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Dive in and experience the possibilities!



In just four months, my client transformed into a new version of herself.



She came heartbroken and ready to give up on life. She'd seen several therapists and attempted suicide several times over the years.

She was heartbroken because her husband had cheated and abandoned her. She wanted him back and was devastated when he made his decision to divorce.


She gladly let go of her ex, knowing that she deserved more.

She kept her head held high throughout the divorce proceedings.

She now looks in the mirror with admiration and respect for who she is.​

Her vibe is higher now that she's out of pain, and she says that she's living her best life!

Read here



Becoming Beautiful Happy Peaceful


4-Month Transformational Journey 

4 months of energy healing, shadow work, self-love embodiment, Radical Forgiveness coaching, and raising your vibration.

Here's the 5 step framework that I use with my clients.


MONTHS 1 & 2

1. Shadow work, is a method of self-discovery. Here you will gain clarity about your desires and what it means for you to be beautiful, happy and peaceful.


Then we'll dig deep to find out what emotional blocks, traumas, or limiting beliefs are preventing your dreams from manifesting or that are lowering your vibration. 


2. Emotional alchemy, is the process of transforming dark and heavy emotions, memories, shame and traumas into light.


Through the practices of Radical Forgiveness, inner child healing, EFT tapping, Shamanic timeline healing, and energy work, we are transforming your pain into purpose.


3. Self-Love & Loving others, we are repairing your relationship with yourself in order to encourage long-term self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and healthy relationships.


4. Raising your vibration, everything in this framework falls under the heading of raising your vibration, but we'll also include activities to assist in the elevation of your energy body.


Journaling, dance, laughter, nature walks, yoga, changing dietary habits, meditating, exercising, and playfulness are all examples of high vibe practices.



5. Embodiment, this is where you start walking your talk and living your dreams.


If you declare you want to be happy, this is the point at which you begin doing things that make you happy and living a life filled with joy.

If you're serious about attracting more love into your life, this is where you'll demonstrate and give love to those around you.


Or if you stated that you want to speak your truth, this could be the time to finally start that podcast you've been putting off.


Easy peasy!


We progress through the framework in a fluid, non-linear, and highly personalized manner.


It’s based on your goals, what's blocking you, and the best approach to help you raise your vibration.


How to enroll

There are 3 program options to choose from.

1.  Becoming Beautiful Happy Peaceful-Rose VIP Journey, is the deep healing journey that includes 12 private sessions, an online healing course.

2. Becoming Beautiful Happy Peaceful-Violet Journey, is the deep healing journey that includes 8 private sessions and an online healing course.

To purchase either of these journeys, you must first schedule a connection call so that we can make sure it's a good fit for your needs. 

<<Book your call here.>>

3. Becoming Beautiful Happy Peaceful- Radical Shift 2 Session Package, 

The first chakra session is to help you clear the energy blocks in your system and open your heart. The second session is to help you become aware of the 22 emotional energies that may be preventing you from experiencing happiness, love, abundance, forgiveness, inner peace, or elevating your vibration.

You'll also leave with an awareness and action plan to help you break free from some of the negative patterns that are holding you back.

To purchase click the buy now button below. If you have any questions contact me here.

Offers Becomng Beautiful
Bunch of red roses


3x a month private energy healing & coaching calls (12) over 4 months


The program also includes...

  • Soulwork (homework) in between sessions

  • Unlimited email support

  • Unlimited Voxer support (a messaging app to receive coaching and guidance in between sessions. I'm by your side the entire journey.)

  • Rituals and practices to help you raise your vibrations


  • Access to the healing library- Pre-recorded video trainings and energy healing activations for wholeness & integration

  • Chakra Healing, Additional 75-min Chakra Clearing private healing session

  • Cord cutting, Additional 45-min Cord-cutting private healing session 

  • Goddess self-love course

  • EFT tapping course "5 days of Forgiveness"

  • 2 bonus 20-minute "Alignment" mini sessions, You can use these anytime during the 4 months if you're feeling low vibe or need some guidance in between sessions.

          Investment price points are stated on the scheduling form




2x a month private energy healing & coaching calls (8) over 4 months


The program also includes...

  • Soulwork (homework) in between sessions

  • Email support

  • Rituals and practices to help you raise your vibrations


Access to the healing library- Pre-recorded video trainings and energy healing activations for wholeness & integration

  • Goddess self-love course

  • EFT tapping course "5 days of Forgiveness"

  • 1 bonus 20-minute "Alignment" mini session, You can use this anytime during the 4 months if you're feeling low vibe or need some guidance in between sessions.

 Investment price points are stated on the scheduling form




Becoming Beautiful Happy Peaceful

“Radical Shift 2 Session Package”

Come raise your vibration and start your healing journey here with me!

After the pain, shame, and trauma, we are left with a slew of unhealthy emotions that pay us frequent visits.


Rejection, abandonment, grief, anger, resentment, and toxic shame are just a handful of the feelings we're left with.


Each of these emotions has a voice that may sound like "No one likes you, you're bad, you're unlovable, there's something wrong with you, or you're not enough" when they come to visit.


You're drawn in, believing the lies, and behaving in ways you don't like before you realize it.


Why? Because your actions are fueled by your emotions.


  • That's why, even though you said no snacking after 6 p.m., you keep eating when you're sad.

  • That's why you continue to date the bad guy even though you know he's bad for you.

  • That's why you snap and say hurtful things to the people you care about.

  • That is why you hide and play small rather than shining and living authentically.


You are not doing any of this because you are a bad person. It's simply because your body and chakra's still carry your emotions of the past.

Each of these low vibrational emotions leads you to low vibrational actions, and most of the time you can't help yourself because they have control over you.


It is essential for healing and self-growth to be aware of the emotional states that are affecting you.


It's difficult to get to that shame-free, beautiful, happy place if you don't know where you are emotionally and what your body is holding onto.

The Radical Shift Package includes 2 sessions:

1. Heart Chakra Healing session, for clearing heavy, negative energy around one situation, issue or one trauma from your heart, body and chakra system. This session is deeply rooted in forgiveness and letting go.

This will give you an energy boost and restore your energy flow.

*Self-Forgiveness: The heart chakra session can also be geared towards forgiving yourself. 


 2. Emotional Resilience session, this second session will assist you in becoming aware of the 22 emotional energies that may be preventing you from experiencing happiness, inner peace, or elevating your vibration.


Next, we will develop an awareness and action plan to help you break free from some of the negative patterns that are holding you back.


You'll walk away with a true Radical Shift and you'll...

  • Know what it means to feel your feelings instead of eating to avoid them, and you'll lose those extra pounds.

  • Learn how to deal with your difficult emotions so that you can stop projecting negativity and speak to your loved ones with compassion.

  • Have the confidence to take the first steps toward living authentically and owning who you are.

  • Feel a profound emotional release and lightness around one situation/issue and have more forgiveness in your heart.

  • A plan to keep moving forward on your healing journey.

This 2 session package is an excellent place to begin or continue your journey of self-love and healing.

*If you choose to upgrade to the 4-month program within 2 weeks of your session the price will be deducted.

Click the button to raise your vibration and take the first step toward emotional resilience.

(1) 75-minute Chakra healing session

(1) 50-minute Emotional Resilience Session 

You'll also leave with an awareness and action plan to help you break free from some of the negative patterns that are holding you back.


Once this package is complete you will have released the heaviness around your one issue, raised your vibration, opened your heart and welcomed in peace.

There is no consultation call for this single service, but if you have any questions, please email me here.

Investment: $222

Your life-changing transformation is just around the corner.


All of the high vibe qualities you desire are already within you, and doing the inner work will bring them out.​

Once you have healed and raised your vibration you'll be an unstoppable force…look out world there’s a brand new woman in town.

Imagine yourself...

​Smiling as you wake up in the morning, thankful for another day to live your purpose and interact with the people you care about.

Nourishing your body with movement and beautiful food because you consider your body to be a gift from God.

Loving and accepting all parts of you because you've finally realized your worth and how amazing you are.


Experiencing your self-love reflected back to you through a healthy relationship with the man of your dreams. 


Radiating joy and lightness because you've let go of years of trauma and baggage. 


To sum it up, you will feel Beautiful, Happy, and Peaceful from the inside out. 



It all starts with a connection call.


On this call I'll ask you few questions to find out where you are and where you to be and then I'll tell you more about the program and how I work with clients.

If you're a yes, we'll schedule our first call, where we'll begin the journey by delving into the shadow to discover your desires and what's holding you back.


Then we begin the emotional alchemy process to remove energetic blocks and trauma from your system.


All the while learning to raise your vibration and practicing self-love and acceptance.

Her vibe shifted from stuck to on fire.


She went from having no momentum and binge-watching TV to consistently taking action.

She shifted from having no new clients for a few months to bringing in new business and increasing her monthly income.

She went from being heartbroken and distrustful to dating with confidence, setting her own boundaries, and being in her healthiest relationship.

Read full testimonial 


You have a divine opportunity to take a leap right now!

You can learn how to fall head over heels for yourself, boost your self-esteem, and raise your vibration so that you can confidently manifest your heart's desires while feeling light, free, and amazing.



You have the option of continuing to feel the same heavy weight on your heart that you've felt for the past few months or years.

(But why would you want to do that??)

You are free to do so if you wish, but I am here to tell you that there is another way.

Make it easier on your future self by scheduling your connection call today.

In four months or less you’ll be thanking yourself for taking the leap.

My Approach


As Shamanic Practitioner, I use energy healing tools such as soul retrieval, chakra healing, and inner child work to go deep and release energy blocks.


 I'm also a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Money Archetype Coach, EFT Practitioner, Reiki & Chakra healer.


I've been where you are and I know what it feels like to be unhappy with life, emotionally wounded, disconnected from my light, feeling like something's wrong with me and have no freaking clue how to pull myself out.


This is why I coach from compassion. I'm not an in your face coach, I hold a loving, supportive, non-judgmental safe space for my clients to heal and grow.


I'm very intuitive and able to sense what my client needs. You will always feel seen, heard and supported.


 I truly believe in the wholeness approach and this is why I work with my clients on the level of mind, body and soul.


Hi, I'm Essence

I’m an Inutitive Energy Healer and Radical Forgiveness Coach and I guide women to breakthrough heavy stuck emotions, embrace self-love and raise their vibration.

I know this journey all too well, for years I lived with father wounds and abandonment issues. I went on a spiritual journey to heal and learn to love myself and it’s been hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.

I knew that I wanted to share this healing work with other women so I became a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Money Archetype & Abundance Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Certified Shamanic Healer.

Now I have the honor of living my purpose as a healer and spiritual guide to wonderful women just like you.

Who do I work with?

I welcome women from all backgrounds, race, age, religion, and sexual orientation, your personal journey & life experiences will be honored here.

My Approach

No woman will be left behind!

If you've gone to therapy, read books, and participated in courses and programs only to feel the same way afterwards, I've got your back.

You will see and feel tremendous amounts of growth and healing when you work with me. And those around you will sense it as well.

I'm intuitive, and I can identify the patterns that keep you trapped in limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, and inaction.


I guide you in breaking free from those patterns, discovering the meaning in your pain, and elevating your emotions to deep joy and contentment.

As an Energy Healer, I go deep and release energy blocks by using energy healing tools like soul retrieval, chakra healing, and inner child work.

I've been where you are, and I know what it's like to be unhappy with life, to be emotionally heavy, disconnected from my light, to feel like something is wrong with me, and to have no freaking idea how to pull myself out.


This is why I coach from a place of compassion.

I'm not an in your face coach, because you've been through enough.  I provide a loving, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment in which my clients can heal and grow.

You will be seen, heard, and supported at all times.


I truly believe in the wholeness approach, which is why I work with my clients on mind, body, and soul levels.


What women are saying about working with me!

stacey-31 (1).jpg


After being coached on her issue numerous times and with various approaches, she was able to transform her deeply held trauma in just one session.

Jenn testimonial Pic.JPG


From holding the anger and shame of three traumatic experiences to releasing them all, viewing them in a new light, and now being able to give herself the love she's craved from others.

happy (1).jpg


She went from having a lot of intense emotions, suppressed pain, and trauma to having more self-esteem, self-love, and sincere forgiveness in her heart.

Nashira Pic.jpg


From being aware that something was wrong and blocking her progress to elevating and experiencing radical changes in herself and her life.



She went from having endless anxiety, frustration, pain, heartache, and repeated patterns/cycles to regaining her power and having a new lease on life. Where she is happy, free, and at peace, knowing she's exactly where she's supposed to be.



From father wounds and attracting bad relationships to marriage. She's married to the love of her life, the man she always asked the universe for.  

  • Is this a group or private program?
    This is a private coaching & healing program that includes an online classroom component.
  • What is the time commitment
    Optional pre-recorded Content varies in length. Private 1:1 calls 50 minutes. *Occasionally calls will go over into the 75-90 minute range therefore a subsequent call may be 45 minutes. ~Soulwork (homework) based on the call 30 min-1 hour a week
  • What if I don't watch the videos or do the homework?
    Most often we will proceed with the scheduled private call. If this continues we will explore any blocks that are keeping from fully showing up.
  • What experience is need to join the program?
    All are welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. I will be there to guide you.
  • What is a Goddess?
    Goddess with a capital G defined as female Gods, also refers to the mother/female aspect of creation. Everyday modern Goddess-( you and me) A woman who is connected to her inner wise woman and intuition. She's committed to living as her true authentic self, being a bright light in this world, she loves & accepts herself, she's a work in progress, cares for herself and body temple.
  • What are the payment plans and refund options?
    A full payment will include a bonus savings Monthly payments via Paypal recurring auto debit Bi-weekly payments also available via Paypal recurring auto debit Refunds: No refunds to ensure that clients are fully committed to the program and coaching.
  • What kind of people have you helped?
    I have successfully helped women with abandonment issues, severe physical & emotional abuse, sexual abuse, inner child healing, mother & father wounds, break-ups, divorce, and death of loved ones. I'm not a therapist. As a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach and Shamanic Practitioner I guide my clients through the use of certain tools that heal them on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level. The spiritual, energetic, and emotional levels are where the inner wounds first form and need the most attention and that doesn't always happen in a clinical setting.
  • What makes this program special?
    This program is geared toward wholeness, self-love, energy healing and raising your vibration. This isn't about stuffing your mind full of information. It's about doing the deep work required to remove the layers of pain, hurt, trauma and false beliefs that are preventing you from living as beautiful happy peaceful woman you are here to be.

Before you go…


Remember that you are here for a reason. You read to the end of this page for a reason.


Trust that.


Come as you are and I'll see you on the call

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