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You’re the woman who wants to be happy, feel at peace in her soul, fall deeply in love and receive love deeply.



But for some reason, you never quite get what you want.


For years I thought I was being punished. Why else would my life be painful and hard?


Then I learned something that changed my personal life and my love life.


A lot of times our pain and suffering come from the emotional baggage that we’ve been carrying for years.




Many of us have been toting this baggage since childhood.




The baggage may have begun when Mom first yelled at you, when Dad left or the kids bullied you at school etc….


That emotional pain that we experienced attracts more emotional pain into our life.




 At least that was the case for me.




The energy of my abandonment issues attracted men into my life who were unable to commit to me thus leaving me feeling alone and abandoned just like when I was a child.



 My life and relationships turned around once I released my baggage, practiced forgiveness and cleared my energy.

After that, true love finally came knocking at my door.




 I’m in love still after 4 years. We still hold hands. Not just when we’re out walking around but when we’re on the couch or laying in bed watching T.V. (it’s really sweet.)



And this loving relationship came as a result of breaking up with my baggage.




I want to show you how to let it go so you can open your heart and receive the love you desire.



If you want to go deeper on your healing journey then I'd love to invite you on a 6-Week Journey of healing and opening your heart to love.



Break-Up With Your Baggage Intensive

Click Here.

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-Essence Turner
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