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I'm hosting a Goddess Self-Love & Abundance Yoga Circle Series and I wanted to invite you. 

We'll go on a 40-day journey to create a new habit, accomplish a goal, or even create a new version of yourself.

It's said that it takes 40 days to create new ways of being, break old habits and release the blocks that keep you from attracting your desires or becoming the version of yourself you want to be.

This circle series is the place to be if you want to step into the version of yourself that...

  • Speaks her truth 

  • Exercises & eats healthier

  • Feels abundant no matter how much is in the bank

  • Finally starts her business

  • Quits smoking

  • Goes live on Facebook

  • Markets herself online 

  • Raises her rates

  • Goes on dates

  • Asks for a raise 

  • Signs more clients 

  • Feels sexy in her body  

  • Loves and values herself more

Whatever your intention is, bring it to circle!

You'll get clear on what's blocking you from taking action or becoming your next-level self.

In our live online circles, we'll talk about self-love & acceptance, healing our relationship with money, elevating self-worth and more.

Then over the next 40 days as you're leveling up, you'll be supported and cheered on in our Sisterhood FB Community.

In the group, there'll be weekly Kundalini yoga, dancing, breathing exercises, and more to help you stay high vibe and on track.

This is going to be a fun and safe space to heal, grow and elevate.

Register below for Zoom link. 

The Facebook group will open on the day of the first circle and the link to join will be emailed to you. 
You don't have to know much about Kundalini Yoga. What I share will be gentle and for beginners who want to connect more deeply to their bodies and unleash their confidence.
See you soon!


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