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Mastering Radical Self-Love and Forgiveness


 10-Week Live Sandy Springs, GA (SOLD OUT)


Essence Turner



You grew up envisioning a life where…..


-You’re smiling every day

-You’re happy for no reason

-You’re at peace

-Your heart is whole

-You're in love



The only problem is…

 You were hurt.

You’re still in pain and you don't 
know how to get out of it.



Does this sound familiar? 

  • Your past keeps playing over and over in your head.

  • You're struggling to forgive your parents, ex, or a loved one.

  • You’ve been sexually, physically, or verbally abused.

  • In the past, you’ve been hurt, abandoned, or rejected.

  • Your relationship is suffering or you’re going through a divorce.

  • You're in a financial struggle.

  • You hate your body.

  • You're angry and unhappy and don't know why.




What if in 10 weeks this course allowed you to...


  • Release the patterns of abandonment and rejection.

  • Gain closure and forgive those who've hurt you.

  • Transform your relationships and mend your heart.

  • Heal the pain of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse.

  • Tap into your abundant nature.

  • Make peace with your life, body, and relationships.

  • Have a deeper connection with yourself

  • Embrace a brighter, happier future.


In 10 Weeks All of this is Possible for You!!



It’s time for your breakthrough!





When: Every Thursday from 7 pm - 9:30 pm for 10 weeks

Where: Phoenix and Dragon, Annex North,  5549 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Start Date: September 13th, 2018






Sold Out

Final sale


Payment Plans Available $148.50 See bottom of page for button 




This course will help you to unpack several years of emotional baggage, so you can finally feel lighter, freer and have the energy needed to manifest your best life.



This course is unique and unlike any others:


  • It's designed to give you an energy shift and create lasting healing as long you are open and willing to participate at a deep level.

  • This course is based on the principals and techniques of Radical Forgiveness.

  • You’ll learn the 5-step process for healing any hurt or trauma.

  • You’ll walk away with proven tools to heal any future pain or trauma you may experience.


It gets even better!


This class will also dive into how Self-Love and Forgiveness go hand in hand.


"This is a real treat because Essence has used Radical Forgiveness to heal her abandonment issues, forgive her father, and manifest true love. She’s a great example of someone who healed her pain and manifested something she truly desired."


Your 10-week transformation awaits!


Fill out the contact form ready to experience…


Daily Happiness

A Sense of Peace and Calm

Deeper, Connected, Intimate Relationships

True Love

Radical Forgiveness

A Better Relationship with Yourself and Your Body

Your Radical Transformation Awaits

Investment $297

10-Week Class "Mastering Radical Self-Love and Forgiveness"

Sold Out

Fill out the contact form if you have any questions or would like more information on the payment plan.


Pay Plan $148.50 to secure seat.

Balance $148.50 due 9/20/18

*All sales final

Thanks! Message sent.

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