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Beautiful Happy Goddess Yoga


At Beautiful Happy Goddess Yoga

I use yoga as a tool to help you heal, process emotions, feel better, love yourself and deepen into your feminine energy.

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Specializing in...

Helping you feel better 
& more


Divine Feminine Energy

Go from neglecting your authentic self to embracing vulnerability, seeing your softness as strength, and allowing your intuition to become your guiding light.

Self-love & Self-Acceptance

Go from self-criticism to loving yourself deeply and accepting every part of who you are.

Healing Your Mind, And Inner Critic

Shift from fear, imposter syndrome and self-doubt to trusting your instincts, believing in your abilities, and having confidence in yourself.

Increasing Self-worth

Go from feeling not good enough and undervaluing yourself to valuing yourself and owning your worth.

Radical Forgiveness & Self-Forgiveness

Move from the heaviness of anger, resentment, guilt, and shame to the light of self-forgiveness, forgiveness for others, and freedom from the past.

Healing Emotional Wounds & Emotional Trauma

Move from deep-seated pain to inner peace, emotional freedom, healing, and wholeness.

Self-Expression and Visibility

Transition from hiding in the shadows to feeling safe enough to shine brightly and express your true self, whether in person or online.

Raising Your Vibration & Cultivate Motivation

Shift from feeling stuck and stagnant to a steady flow of inspiration, happiness, more energy, and the drive to move forward.

Hi, I’m Essence and I'm not your typical yoga teacher.

I guide you online from the comfort of your own living room.

I'm not just about namaste and “positive vibes only”.

I intentionally use different styles of yoga to dive into your shadow, uncover what’s hidden, and process heavy emotions.


I don't deal in perfection.


You are welcome to bring the mess, all your flaws, your sadness, anger and joy because I accept you just as you are.


You don't need fancy yoga clothes. Your old college sweatshirt and a pair of leggings will do just fine. 


Your arms don't need to be precisely at a 60-degree angle. And if your body feels more comfortable slumping rather than sitting up straight during meditation, that's okay, (me too).



You don’t have to follow a certain set of religious beliefs or be a vegetarian. If you crave chicken wings and a milkshake after practice, follow your joy!


You don't need to be flexible or have a “yoga body.” You'll never be asked to twist your body like a pretzel, do a back bend, the splits, or a headstand.


My online studio isn’t like the one in the plaza next to your grocery store. It’s more like a Goddess temple where our sessions and classes feel like sacred ceremonies.


Because here every breath, every movement, and every moment we spend together focused on your healing and happiness IS sacred because YOU are sacred!


If all of this resonates and this feels like where you belong, you’re my people!

Feel free to get comfortable and hang out with me for a while.


You can begin your journey by signing up for my free energy healing library. Or visit the services page and book a session that resonates with you.


If you have any questions or simply want to connect, don't hesitate to drop me a line in the chat box on this page.


I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Are you feeling called to begin your goddess healing journey?

I've created an energy healing kit just for you!!


It's a PDF Booklet with links to a collection of guided EFT sessions, energy-clearing rituals, and empowering yoga practices.

You’ll gain access to these 5 videos:

  • Calming Anxious Thoughts

  • Energy Clearing for Sadness

  • Transforming Heaviness into Lightness

  • Energy Healing After being hurt

  • A Practice to Process Anger & Heavy Emotions


Bonus for lightworkers, healers and coaches...

3-part series called "Feeling Safe to Receive and Charge for Your Services."

If you get stuck on how much to charge, how to charge higher prices and when to raise your prices you'll walk away...


  • Understanding how to choose a price and get started

  • With a deeper understanding of how to charge higher prices for your services

  • Knowing the signs of when it's time to raise your prices

Simply enter your email address below to access your copy and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.


She Who Heals Her Mind 

The Lightworker's Guide to Positive Thinking and Living Your Purpose Beyond Fear and Doubt.


Essence S. Turner

Read the first 3 chapters free

An Invitation to go deeper

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Learn more about my summer program

Goddess on the Move

Sessions start at $30

From the very 1st time we chatted on the phone I got a sense of “OMG, I think she is who I’ve been needing all this time”. Currently I have been working with her for the past 6 weeks and for me to see who I am now as oppose to who I was when I started. I’m truly amazed. I feel like I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel... Read full testimonial

What others are saying about working with me

8 months ago I had hit a pretty solid rock bottom emotionally and mentally.


 I felt stuck in a state of melancholy, sadness and no momentum to continue to pursue my Coaching career, my active lifestyle or my love life.  I spent months laying about, watching endless tv and eating way to many Doritos. Being a Health and Life Coach, this was NOT the way I wanted to be. 

Connecting with Essence and having her as my Coach was the best investment in myself that I have made to date.  From the very first session Essence listened to me in a way I have not been heard before. 

What I got out of our work together is nothing short of transformational.  I went from stuck to ON FIRE!! I went from no momentum to CONSISTENT action in not only my coaching business, where I was averaging a new client every two weeks, but also taking action in a new solid way in my love life.


Read full testimonial 


Stephanie P

stacey-31 (1).jpg


I felt safe immediately with Essence and we were able to go to a deep trauma I was still holding within me. Our healing session and her guidance helped transform this pain and ‘stuckness’ like nothing ever had. I trusted her with my most tender and vulnerable part of myself and in return was able to access a profound healing experience. 

Jenn testimonial Pic.JPG


Her tools and techniques really work. I was able to heal and let go of the 3 most traumatizing events in my life. I could see them from a different perspective and was able to let go of the anger, deep hurt and shame I was feeling.

happy (1).jpg


 Essence was there to support me through the entire process with no judgment. She also had excellent tools to assist with the healing and with my dedication I saw instant results.

 My results were increased self-esteem/love, true forgiveness, weight loss, happiness, homeownership, increased clientele, and more. 

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